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faf : Colin Napier

faf : Colin Napier

Picking just 5 apps is tough! I could recommend probably 10 for the Mac and 10 for the iPhone! I have decided to put in the ones I use day in day out and would be lost without. I must apologise in advance for the extra geeky IT nerd ones.fafcn

1. Dropbox

(iPhone and Mac – and Windows and Linux too of course).
Quite simply one of the best programs in the world ever. It makes keeping an offsite copy of my most important files a doddle, and I don’t even have to think about it. And for keeping multiple computers in sync it is fantastic. See my guest post on it for more ideas on what to use it for. It really is that awesome. Link

2. CoRD

CoRD is a Windows Remote Desktop client for the Mac. I believe it stands for Chicken of Remote Desktop (bit like the VNC client COTVNC – Chicken of the VNC). I have no idea why Mac software needs to involve chickens, but this is a fantastic little app. It allows me to manage all our Windows servers in work from my lovely non-crashing MacBook Pro. What really makes it fantastic is the sidebar that allows you to save your servers in so connecting is just a double click away, and switching between servers is super fast. Link

3. VMWare Fusion

This is a fantastic bit of software for techies, allowing you to have virtual computers set up for testing. You can take snapshots of the machines after a clean install, and then test to your hearts content, simply reverting back to the snapshot if it all goes horribly wrong. Also it’s nice to be able to boot into WIndows now and again for the odd job that you just cant do as easily on the Mac. I have tried the free VirtualBox VM software from Sun, but it lacks the polish and stability of VMWare. Worth the money for sure. Link.

4. Byline (iPhone)

Amazing little RSS reader for iPhone that syncs with your Google Reader account. Means I can quickly fire it up, get all my unread RSS posts and read them in a very simple but beautiful interface, and easily share articles with friends or “star” them for reference at a later date. And because it syncs with Google Reader, whatever I read on the phone is marked as read back at my Mac, so I never have to read a duplicate article again. ?2.39 on the App Store, and at the time I questioned if it would be worth it for RSS. I would now happily have paid more as it is easily the most used app on my phone. Link

5. Ambiance (iPhone)

Being an IT tech isn’t always sunshine and roses. There are those days when you have just had one too many “I can’t remember my password” or “I can’t find the any key” questions. It is on days like this that Ambiance comes into its own. This little app gives you access to thousands of sound files, which can be overlaid to make relaxing soundtracks. Wind chimes, Tibetan monks, rain and thunder are examples of noises you can incorporate into your own personal mix, with the ability to adjust the volumes of each section individually. Fantastic way to unwind after a nightmare day. At 59p it would be wrong not to! Link.


Colin Napier is ICT Network Manager for a large grammar school in Northern Ireland. Follow him on Twitter. and runs his own blog at

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If you  like to take part in the Five Apps Friday series then why not get in contact. The applications can be either OSX based or iPhone and all we need is a 620 pixel wide (landscape) photo and a png screen shot of the apps in a row. All we need is your five favourite applications and why…

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