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Facebook Update Brings TimeLine To iPhone , iPad Coming Soon –

Facebook Update Brings TimeLine To iPhone , iPad Coming Soon

Earlier this week we seen Facebook roll out their new feature “Timeline” worldwide on the website and Timeline was also available on the mobile website , But today we seen Facebook release an update which includes Timeline as well as other improvements to the friends list and better photo management. The Timeline is only available for iPhone but is said to be coming soon for your iPad users.

Friends list: This port from the desktop version of Facebook to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch version allows you to separate friends in “lists” that are like groups. These Friends Lists allow you to grant certain access of your profile to certain people and and also allow you to simply better manage your cliques or family members.
Better photo management: Facebook also includes quicker access to photos (they load much faster), improved commenting, and photo uploading. In addition – at least for users with Timeline on – your Facebook notifications come down in an iPad-like pop-over menu. It’s a pretty neat time saver since you don’t lose full access to the content you were viewing at that moment.

Subscriptions: Subscriptions allow you to follow more than just friend’s updates on Facebook and follow celebrities, journalists, and others. The subscriptions service also allows you to see only certain types of movement of your friends on Facebook: life events, status updates, photos, games, comments/likes, music/videos, and other activity. The Facebook update now allows you to manage this feature.

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