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FaceBook On The iPad

FaceBook On The iPad

For those of you reading who are both users of FaceBook and iPad’s then you are probably jumping up and down with joy at the news that FaceBook are going to launch an iPad app. Yes, it’s been a long time coming but the developers have announced this new app and it actually looks light it might be better than the website. Not to talk bad about FaceBook, but there have been so many complaints about the new set up that it was only a matter of time before the developers tried to fix it all; which they have with this great app.

Until now members have been using the iPhone and iPod touch app, which is a basic cut-down version of the famous site. You can’t vote in or even view polls, games are out of the question, photos take ages to load, and the chat function was a joke. People only seemed to use it to check in or when they were really desperate. But above all the faults of this app, it just looked bad on the large and stylish iPad screen.

FaceBook developers actually agree on this, saying in multiple interviews that they have been working on an app that would do justice to the 9.7 inch display. Until then they were content to leave iPad users with the iPhone app, claiming that something was better than nothing. It was, but now users don’t have to settle with this anymore. The new FaceBook app will hit iTunes stores in different times in different countries, but here is the first review of it. Of course, the usual disclaimer should apply, and the company has the right to make any changes they want to the app between now and release, so some of this information might be outdated by the time you’re reading this.

–         Functionality

This app takes full advantage of the iPad’s touch screen functionality with users able to swipe their fingers down the screen to scroll through their news feed and timeline as well as a simple one-touch method for opening links. Utilising the multi-touch aspect of the device, you will be able to pinch to zoom into photos to see them in their true glory.


–         Photos and videos

This is perhaps one of the best reasons to get this app upon its release, the prevalence of photos and videos. Having a 132 PPI means that the iPad can display hi-def images, so when a user clicks on a photo in their FaceBook app it will take up the entire screen giving the viewer the best way to see the image in all its glory. Using the same swipe function as when browsing through their own photo album, one swipe of the fingers along the screen will allow people to scroll through the photo album on the FaceBook app. Videos as well will be displayed on the full screen.

Another excellent edition is the ability to upload photos and videos directly to FaceBook. Now you can take a photo or a video and upload it straight away with ease not seen before.


–         Games

Games will be a big selling point for this app. On the old app users couldn’t play games but now they will take centre stage in all its full screen glory. Tap to load a game and it will take up the entire screen, giving you more detail when you plant your crops, hunt for your treasure, or just want to pick a word for Scrabble™. Rumours are already spreading that FaceBook may even launch new games specifically for the app. You don’t have to worry about missing a new chat or update with the iOS notifications feature meaning that only a small alert will display at the top of the screen without pausing your game.

–         Chat

Users will now be able to experience a great FaceBook chat on their iPad. You can now see what you’re typing to your FaceBook friends while using the inbuilt chat system.

This app could only mean a win for both FaceBook and Apple; Americans already spend around eight hours a month on the social networking site which is eight hours that they weren’t on their iPad’s. Both companies are saying that this is a great app that will mean more people spending more time using both FaceBook and their iPad’s. With this app, you will never have to get off your iPad.

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