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Facearound for iPad App Review

Every town has a lot going on, although you may not be aware of it, but if you look around and really explore, you can find quite a lot of untapped places of interest. This can range from a nice little shop tucked away down a side street to a one-off event taking place nearby. Whatever it may be, it is all too easy for such things to pass you by, which is why you need to consider getting an app to keep you updated and help you find all places that might be right under your nose. Facearound is compatible with the iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded for free now from the App Store.

Facearound is one of those interesting and hugely useful apps that blend together the benefits of navigation and social networking, allowing you to find a place and tell people about it, or even be told about it by someone else. This may not be the first to provide such a function, as we already have Foursquare and Localmind, but it certainly holds its own against them. The first thing you need to do when you launch it is to integrate it with your Facebook account and then you are ready to go.

Using the app is easy and once you are in, it immediately identifies your location and presents it in the form of a map of the immediate area, with a dot in the centre to represent you. From here you can perform a search of anything you can think of and it will immediately locate the nearest ones to you and display it on the map in relation to your position. If you want to eat, type in the food you fancy and it will show you where to get it, if you want to buy a new carpet, it will show you where all the nearest carpet shops are. The possibilities are endless. In addition to this it can also let you know when certain events will be taking place or what kind of deals you can get.

Facebook integration opens the possibilities up even more as your friends can send you recommendations, which you can then sort according to various criteria, such as alphabetically or by where offers the best deals. In return you can also help them out as well as add to the reviews and ratings. You can also publicise your favourite places and encourage others to try them out.

You can change the style of map from standard to satellite or birds-eye view, depending on how you like your maps presented. While it has this much in common with other maps apps a problem it suffers from is the lack of any kind of directions to your chosen venue and a step by step guide would really improve Facearound. However this flaw aside it is a great app that really helps you make the most of your area and uncover activity you may have missed out on before.

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