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EyeTV DTT Deluxe Review

EyeTV DTT Deluxe Review

Well it is finally here and EyeTV DTT Deluxe is even smaller and more impressive than I expected. Elgato’s new USB TV device for both PC and Mac has to be one of the smallest pieces of technology I have come across and it is difficult to believe it is actually capable of handling digital television.

You may have spotted the un-boxing photos on flickr and I am sure, like me you are amazed that Elgato have packed all the necessary encoder circuitry into a shell that is less than 2cm long. The device is actually smaller than the USB adaptor for my keyboard ! For readers in the US the bad news is the device is only available in Europe,  Australia and New Zealand.

DTT Deluxe Size

In the Box

You can check out the full gallery of photos on Flickr but as well as the remote control (Elgato have been nice and included batteries) the box contains a range of additional accessories.

Elgato have included two portable antennas, a telescopic metal and the standard antenna with suction attachment that offers a good length of cable so it can be positioned further away from the computer.


Also included in the box is a USB extension cable and a little adaptor to allow the device to be easily attached to an external antenna. Elgato have really covered all possible connection options to ensure every user can get the most from the device.

The DTT Deluxe needs the very latest EyeTV software so I would recommend installing the software and checking for updates from the ‘File Menu’. If you already have EyeTV installed then you should have already received last week’s update. (Version 3.2.1)

Testing the Antennas

niSadly in the area where I live (check out the map) the only reliable way to receive digital television is to use an external antenna.

None the less I decided to take my Macbook and the DTT Deluxe on a road trip around Belfast.

With either of the supplied mini antennas I was able to receive 60 -70% signal strength but basically zero signal quality throughout.

As well as on the upper floor of my house I did manage to find one area in Greater Belfast where I had enough signal quality to watch TV but generally in the country areas where I reside the signal quality was just too week to offer reliable viewing.

This doesn’t come at all as a surprise given our standard TVs require external connectivity to work.


This isn’t a flaw with the device but sadly the cost of living in the country. I would love to be have been able to access TV reliably with the small antenna but until they sort out our airwaves I will have to live with connecting the device to the wall socket.

If you live in an area where an external antenna isn’t essential then this little device is without doubt a must have for your Macbook or Macbook Pro.

External Antenna

Attaching the DTT Deluxe to my external antenna saw EyeTV immediately come to life. As with previous Elgato devices the picture is stunning and the sound quality equally as impressive.

I left the device running and recording BBC 1 for just over an hour without issue, the device did feel slightly warm but nothing to the level of heat pouring from the Macbook. You might be wondering what I was actually trying to achieve with this test but frankly I am stunned at what such a small device is able to offer so much !


With the first install of any TV I found I had the complete compliment of channels but if you buy an EyeTV device it is definitely worth carrying out the full exhaustive scan and then check the channel list page to attach the appropriate TVTV guide detail so the channel will appear in the EPG.

I have come across a few people who thought a particular channel was not supported as it didn’t appear in the Electronic Programme Guide. Always check the channel list first!

As you can see I was able to customise the channel list for my locality and the screenshot below shows Ulster Television that is only available in Ireland (don’t be too disappointed).


The DTT Deluxe ships with probably the best TV software going in the form of Elgato’s own EyeTV (Mac). If you are a Windows user the device also comes with a Windows 7 driver and TerraTec’s Home Cinema software.

I am a massive fan of EyeTV, this application is massively powerful allowing for easy recording, editing and exporting of television in a range of formats. Check out our tutorials : Setting up iPhone remote access to EyeTV, How to remove Ad breaks with EyeTV and using Series link with EyeTV.

The DTT Deluxe uses the Lossless quality setting and in areas in which HDTV is broadcast, can easily handle 720p or 1080i HDTV (MPEG-2 as well as H.264/AVC). The DVB stream is recorded unaltered to give you the full quality MPEG-2/H.264 file as encoded by the broadcaster and the device supports DVB-T multilingual programming and Dolby Digital sound.

The DTT deluxe is an unbelievable bit of technology, and it is breath taking to consider I am watching full screen TV powered by a device less the size of a USB connector.


  • Unbelievably portable.
  • Low cost this full digital TV encoder costs less than ?90 and requires no additional hardware to work.
  • Ships with a range of antenna and an adaptor to connect to an external antenna.
  • Ships with the unbelievable EyeTV software for watching, recording, editing and exporting TV in a range of formats.


  • The supplied aerials are not functional in all areas. This is a harsh negative given it has nothing to do with the device or Elgato but I had to write something.


Elgato have pushed digital television technology to the limit releasing the most breathtakingly small TV adaptor with all the power to deliver stunning full screen television. This device is ever gadget fan’s dream and it deserves to be marvelled as much as it is to be enjoyed.

Amazon are selling the device at ?79.99 and without doubt it is the perfect for every gadget lover regardless if they use
a Mac or Windows.

Any questions ? use the comments.

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