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Eye-Fi Coming to the UK

Eye-Fi Coming to the UK

Today sees some really brilliant news for photographers Eye-Fi wireless memory cards in the UK on October 19th 2009. As many know I have a keen interest in photography and run a bit of a photoblog over at I have been lusting over the Eye-Fi cards for sometime and they now finally see UK availability.

Eye-Fi cards make saving and sharing memories effortless by allowing users to wirelessly upload photos and videos to their computer and the web. Eye-Fi cards allow users to take photos and videos anywhere (like their existing memory card) and automatically upload their photos and videos as soon as the camera is within range of the user’s Wi-Fi network.


Three Eye-Fi cards will be available in the UK with a range of features: the Eye-Fi Home Video, the Eye-Fi Share Video and the Eye-Fi Pro, offering easy uploads and feature sets for every photo lover, from the simple snapper to the photography enthusiast.

Eye-Fi Home Video

Don’t wait months to backup photos and videos to the computer. The Eye-Fi Home Video card saves users time by wirelessly uploading JPEG photos and videos from their camera to their PC or Mac. Being organized with memories is made easy, as Eye-Fi will upload to any folder on their computer and arrange photos by date ¬Mac users can even upload directly to iPhoto. Flaunting 4GB of memory, the Eye-Fi Home Video stores up to 2,000 photos or 90mm of video and provides automatic backup to the computer thanks to its wireless capabilities.

Eye-Fi Share Video

Get family and friends updated automatically. The Eye-Fi Share Video card makes saving and sharing effortless by automatically and wirelessly uploading photos and videos to the user’s computer and to the web.

Users can pick where their memories go, and can choose from popular websites like Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, MobileMe or YouTube – no need for the computer to be turned on for memories to be shared online. Don’t want to share it all with everyone? The Selective Transfer option, available for all Eye-Fi cards, enables users to control which media will be wirelessly uploaded.

Eye-Fi Pro

Photo enthusiasts and professional photographers can now streamline their workflow. The Eye-Fi Pro card wirelessly uploads JPEG, RAW and video files to any folder on a computer (PC or Mac) and to the Web. Photographers on-the-go can also take advantage of its direct to computer (ad hoc) connectivity capabilities for direct uploads from camera to the computer without the need for a router.

Organizing is made easy through lifetime, automatic geotagging (using Wi-Fi Positioning System or WPS), which enables users to view, search and share photos on maps and take advantage of a seamless integration with iPhoto ‘09.

Eye-Fi’s complete line-up of wireless SDHC memory cards range in price from ?49.99-?119.00 and are available at Amazon.

Are any  of our US readers able to give us some feedback on the cards ?

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