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Everything You Need To Know About The 128GB iPad

Everything You Need To Know About The 128GB iPad

Talk of Apple releasing a 128GB iPhone & iPad have been going around for a while now but over the last 48 hours a lot of rumours have surfaced about the 128GB iPad 4.

iOS 6 Beta 128GB iPhone iPad

Over the past couple of months there has been multiple references in Apple’s code for iTunes 11 and iOS 6.1 which suggest we could be soon seeing a 128GB device. The references found in the code does not point to what device we will see the storage capacity available in either the iPhone or iPad.

“We could see a 128GB iPad”

9to5Mac’s sources have said the that Apple are preparing to launch the new 128GB in to the market but just as an extra option for the iPad 4th generation which means no design changes and no hardware upgrades apart from the storage. The rumoured 128GB iPad is said to come in the current black and white options and booth  WiFi-only and WiFi + Cellular versions will be available.

The first thing people think of when you mention more storage capacity and an Apple product is the jump up in price and that was no different in this case as can be seen below
128GB iPad Price

The 128GB iPad 4 is set to hit shelfs with a price tag of $799 for the WiFi only and $929 for the Cellular iPad. As expected this is in some configurations more expensive than then Macbook Air but maybe this is another step in Apple CEO Tim Cooks dream of tablets taking over PC’s.

The SKU’s below suggest back up the suggestion of a 128GB iPad 4.  P101 and P103 as seen in the description column below and the internal identifiers for WiFi iPads and Cellular iPads also Apple would specify the storage capacity of a device by using “Good” for 16GB , “Better” for 32GB, “Best” for 64GB and now it looks like “Ultimate” for 128GB. If you were wondering what A & B stands for in the description column B is white iPad and A is black iPad.

Apple 128GB iPad SKU

No release dates have been mentioned as of yet and it would be extremely rare for Apple to hold a keynote / event just to launch this which means Apple could be keeping it behind closed doors until they have another product to show us or will they just do a silent release in to stores?

If you have got any information be sure to let us know

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