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Every Time More. The Secret? Is Dead!

Every Time More. The Secret? Is Dead!

With that title is really easy to imagine about what this article speaks. Nowadays we have been living with a lot of people, and the ONU, on the 31st October, established that we were millions of inhabitants in the Earth.

Everyone was surprised that they could account it, and that so many people born, if a lot of them are dead. May be that the reason why everyday is more difficult to be highlighted between so much people?

That’s really a fact that some of us have got and now they are the most important people in the world. The ones who have the power to decide, to be known, and to appear in the media. Those are the people who appear on the television, magazines, newspapers, and normally the ones who more money has.

One of them and which is really known on the last days is Mr. Jobs. The intelligent boy who was studying information technology in Harvard was thinking about doing an operative system to help people. As he was just studying and he didn’t have much money, he decided to start it with two more friends in the garage of his dad.

He didn’t finish the university, but he knew and was really sure that he could get it. It was a world which wasn’t still so much discovered, and where they could be the first ones. Whatever they could do, would be really new and innovative.

After some weeks with this project, one of the boys who were participating on it, stopped working for them, and decided to go and do his own company. The other two who stayed created one software company, but they weren’t running it on their own systems. They were just using the ones from other companies.

The boy who went and create his own company and was called Steve Jobs, decided to create his own computers, the one who were running their own operative system. It was called Apple, and the company’s aim was to be unique. To be the only one which could run this operative system and the one that wasn’t so much opened to developers.

That was the secret, the exclusivity which was Apple always saving, and their projects have been always created under a secret, and although there are a lot of rumors, the real version, the official one, wasn’t know until the boss, Steve Jobs, wanted it.

That company was always seen like a normal one, a one more which was on the market, and that wasn’t so much affordable because of their prices, although they were really innovative. It was like their products could just help by the designers, and the people who really like the appearance, and not so much the usability.

That changed when the marketing sector decided to create an MP3. It was a world which after the podcasts was getting in touch with the people, and it was a cheap way of bringing your songs everywhere you wanted to go. It was added that the mobile phones started with the “Monotone songs”, they continued by the “polytonal”, and finished with the real ones. After that and with the appearance from the “real tones” MP3 products and songs went really fast onto the market. Later they started with the market where people could buy songs, just signing contracts with the companies which had the allowance to share them, and more per internet.

All this made this company to go up in the “Down Jones” starting with 20$ per title, and actually being at the moment for about 450$. It really went high and in not so much time. Much people were surprised that this company could get so much success. It was because they had a good leader, a person who really controlled the whole company and their more than 12.000 workers, and really having separated every part of the company.

The boss had a personal design, one which nobody else had, and who was known for his simplicity, although that their products price were really high. The question which was everyone making themselves, were that what would happen if this boss died, and more after having cancer. He disappeared a lot of times of the company, and the last one was when they presented the iPhone 4S, when it was thought to be iPhone 5 presented.

Let’s see how it continues now…

Apple history is written for the next 4 years…


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