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Everest for iPhone App Review

Every year it is always the same. January 1 rolls around and as we emerge from our cocoons of alcohol-soaked comas we fry up all the bacon we can find and resolve to live healthily from now on. We then live a very healthy week and begin to consider making some other ambitions happen in the year ahead, before dropping it all and going back to our daily routines. New year resolutions may start with the best intentions but it is all too easy to drop them but the fact is, more or less everyone has ambitions all year round that they never actually get to realising. Fortunately there is an app out there that encourages you to make that dream a reality. Everest is available now from the App Store and it completely free.

Everest is appropriately named since it deals with your personal Everest, whether it is to finish your novel by the end of the year or indeed climb Mount Everest. Whatever your goal is, Everest has every intention of making it happen and makes it very clear that ultimately only you can see your own plans through to the end. As it turns out, it is a very effective app and is even suitable if you have no specific aims. When you get started it will suggest various ideas of things you might want to strive to achieve. These ideas are based on the experiences of other learners but there a lot of great ideas on display, such as simple things like reading or walking more, to the more outlandish like, of course, climbing Everest. Tap an idea and it will be added to your personal list of dreams.

Once you have added you can then flesh out the details of your ambition, such as when you hope to achieve it by and what category it falls into. You can also write a description of why the goal matters to you, which is a good reminder for yourself but it also aids the social aspect of the app. The app is very well designed with a great interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Adding a dream and its description is a simple procedure and there is also a space for you to comment, as well as others who stumble upon your profile.

A nice feature is the challenges section that encourages you to complete a specific aim and improves the likelihood of you actually achieving it. The app is generally fun to use and is ultimately uplifting and inspirational. It gets better still when you have friends using it too as you can offer each other encouragement and even work together on your goals.

Of course Everest will not do all the work for you and ultimately, you will need to rely on your own motivation to get something done. But what it does do is offer invaluable encouragement you may not otherwise have had and that can go a long way. The app is easy to use, fun and it may inspire you to get up, get out there and finally start living your dreams.

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