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Equip your iPad for school

Equip your iPad for school

Not so long ago Apple came up with iTunes U,which made it clear,that the company is aiming to make the iPad omnipresent in academia.It’s not a secret that the iPad is really growing into a legitimate alternative to the PC.For students that means than the iPad is becoming a great and a very powerful learning tool that is good for a lot more than just reading.

iPad in studying

I had a chance to sit down with a Boston-based PhD student,who,for the past twelve months,have been using her iPad almost exclusively for her studying process. Here are the crucial peripherals and apps she uses and highly recommends in order to fully equip your iPad for academical use.

Stylus – (peripheral)

Stylus is going to be a crucial tool,when it comes to annotating electronic documents and drawing diagrams and pictures. Your finger will work fine under many circumstances,but,stylus will let you make notes and marks in documents with far more precision.It makes it so easy to underline text in PDF or to draw a detailed chart,when you have a fine-tipped stylus.There is a big number of options out there,so it is really up to you to do some research and decide on a stylus that works best for you.There are few significant recommendations,such as Wacom Bamboo Stylus, as well as the Targus Stylus for the iPad.
Start using your stylus in your note taking and reading apps. You’ll be amazed at how precise you can get when it comes to underlining,making marks,and drawing charts.

Keyboard – (peripheral)
There are quite few options for keyboards.Whether it’s going to be Apple’s Wireless keyboard or something just a tiny bit fancier,like the ZAGGfolio keyboard case you choose.Make sure its well-reviewed and well-designed. Our student uses Apple’s Wireless keyboard because of it’s lightweight and compact design,usability with Macs and a reasonable price (about 69$).Once again,there is a great list of options you want to explore,before you make your final choice.
The iPad’s touchscreen keyboard works great for typing a small amount of text,but you’re going to face a serious challenge when there’s a need in taking notes in a short period of time,and if you can’t keep up – your iPad is not going to be your primary studying tool. That is when your portable keyboard comes in handy. Whenever you’re going to have a class – bring it with.

Notability – Note taking app
Notability is one of the most efficient note taking apps available. Our PhD student said it is one of her favorite and the most frequently used apps.It is literally loaded with almost every possible feature and it provides a huge range of tools every student needs.Here’s what Notability offers: 1)Text-based note taking; 2)Fully-integrated and quick drawing capabilities; 3)Audio recording with replay,synchronized with user input; 4)Ability to organize notes within multiple notebooks (by course title). Priced at 0.99$,Notability is available for everyone.According to our PhD student’s opinion,Notability suits best to the needs of an average student.
Notability is going to be extremely useful for students in note taking. Make sure you use it to take notes at every single class you attend and take the advantage of using the audio recording feature. A chance to go through your notes,backed up with an audio portion will be a great deal of help,when reviewing material for exams.


Note taking app

Taking notes is easy!

iAnnotate PDF – Your Reading App.
Very often,entire courses are based on reading from primary sources,which,sometimes,are given to the student in the form of digital handouts.That is where iAnnotate PDF steps in. It is feature-packed PDF reader and annotation tool. It might seem a little bit pricey at first (9.99$),but,it’s ability to organize documents within nested folder hierarchies sets it apart from competing apps. This app is the best solution for students who read a lot of electronic literature.
iAnnotate PDF should be used whenever you read your digital course.This app can easily search through all of your documents(as long as those documents contain textual content),which makes it really simple to find certain passage,quote,document.That is going to be a very handy feature when studying for exams,searching for references and writing papers.The variety of document marking options is wide indeed – you can underline,highlight,use textual annotations,drawings and audio notes.

School apps
You can even share your documents via iAnnotate PDF. There’s even a way to control how you share them. You can either share the original PDF,or iAnnotate PDF version, or flattened (edit-protected) version of your document.

Photo To PDF / DocScanner – Paper Document Conversion App.
It’s wise to have an app that would let you use the camera on your iPad to take pictures of certain documents and to convert them into PDF for easy reading (for instance,reading and annotating in iAnnotate PDF). There’s a big variety of different apps to do this. CamScanner Free (free),Photo to PDF (2.99$) and DocScanner (3.99$) were the choices our PhD student made. It might not be a bad idea to choose one that has OCR capabilities,when selecting a document scanner. That aspect is going to be useful for document searching apps,such as iAnnotate PDF.
You’ll find it useful to snap pictures from large and heavy books,instead of carrying those wherever you go.

Getting all these items will make your studying process so much easier.Great way to get the most from your iPad.

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