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Enhance your MAC iTunes experience with 4 cool Plugins

Enhance your MAC iTunes experience with 4 cool Plugins

iTunes is of course far away from its initial launch purpose: a simple music store to be able to easily buy and listen to songs on your iPod or MAC. In time, it has become a giant store where you can find anything really from apps for iPhone, iPad, music for Mac and devices, and so on; a music player with library and organizer, and a manager for all of your media found on your MAC in general.

Given the wide purpose this huge piece of software serves, and because some people are really accustomed to its interface and options, or are just forced to use it to be able to sync and download music and video between devices, how about we let you customize it a bit more in depth and add some extra functionality to it with these cool Plugins.


Using iTunes to organize and sync everything on your iPhone or iPod is great but what if you are using an Android device or anything other than an Apple device? iTuneMyWalkman helps you synchronize and use any kind of Walkman-like device in the same way you would use iTunes with an Apple device, and recognizes any device connected to your MAC. Listen to your music everywhere, on everything, and be free. Yes, this plugin is free too!

Quick Tag

That music library is such a mess. You are indeed an organized person, but it’s really hard to keep track of what and where you exactly bought. Maybe you want to know the year you bought a certain batch of songs, or any other details. Quick Tag attaches information tags just like in pictures to music files. These are performed inside the file, saving small text information in the song meta data area. Now you can easily index and fast search every song and you can do this by whatever criteria you exactly want. For free of course.


Now adding tags for songs and organizing them is great, and using a cool tool such as Quick Tag is really nice. But if your music library is composed of thousands of songs, manual tagging can become a time consuming task. For an extra $9.99, Tagalicious offers to do the tagging for you, scanning each music file and attaching appropriate tags to it. Just an initial scan and parse all of the files, and you’re an ornagized man already!


Ok, maybe you don’t care as much for precise order, but you want to be able to find songs matching your current mood. There is so much an autolist can do after all. Moody runs at the same time as iTunes and allows you to pick a color for each song or batch of songs. Earth day coming up? How about we play all the green songs this afternoon? Oh wait, girlfriend coming in fast! Quick! Switch to red! Moody is also a lot cheaper than your significant half, as it comes with no cost. You can however encourage its developers with a mere $9 donation, if you find their work is worthy of your money.


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