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The Best Mac Data Encryptor

Do you treasure your Mac’s privacy? If yes, then why not consider using Mac encryption utilities? If you are looking for the best and the safest Mac encryption utility, read on.

Everyone deserves privacy, and Mac users are not an exception. Good news – hiding confidential files on your Mac is now possible with Mac encryption utilities.

There are numerous data encryption utilities available online but these four are considered to be the best among them:

  • MacKeeper – The 911 help for your Mac that comes as a bundle of important utilities and tools. Mackeeper’s Data Encryptor feature will securely hide and encrypt your files and folders with just several clicks. It supports the AES-128 and AES-256 encryption standards, featuring password protection that makes the encryption safer. Finally, MacKeeper offers a lot of other tools and services that will keep your data safe.
  • Espionage – This simple but powerful utility can encrypt individual Mac OS X folders and applications. It is integrated with Finder and is easy to use. Just drag the folder or app you would like to encrypt to the utility’s icon and set up your encryption password.
  • Knox – This encryption utility can securely hide and encrypt your important data. It enables you to create the so-called “encryption vaults” with individual passwords to safely store your data. The utility supports the AES-128 and AES-256 encryption standards.
  • TrueCrypt – This utility creates virtual encryption disks with the files, mounting them as real disks. It can also encrypt the whole storage device. Encryption is automatic and performed in real time.

These are the top 4 Mac encryption tools popular among Mac users. Make sure to select the best Mac encryption utility that will cater for all your needs, and use only the trusted sources to download it from!

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