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EmpireAvenue – The New Social Media Game!

EmpireAvenue – The New Social Media Game!

Its fast becoming one of the most popular “browser” games on the web.  EmpireAvenue is a social networking site where you can buy shares in your friends by purchasing them with “eaves”.

Eaves are earned through everything you do on your social networks, so you link all your accounts to your empire avenue profile, update them on a regular basis and this increases your activity on the site and thus you will gain new investors in you.  The more active you are the more people will invest in you.

Some interesting features on the site include unlocking achievements, owning differant types of unique items to increase your net wealth and a ticker system (kinda like the NYSE) that lets you know which of your investments are making money and which are not.

This highly addictive game can be found Here

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