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Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps

Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps

Recently I have attended three separate events where the speaker referenced video from YouTube. On all of the occasions the video definitely added value to the presentation but sadly the speakers had to quit from PowerPoint / Keynote and use the web browser to play the relevant video.

This interrupted the flow of the presentations and sadly for one speaker it was a total distraction as the wifi hotspot he was using couldn’t actually stream fast enough for the video to play at all.


In this simple tutorial I am going to outline how I embed YouTube video in my Keynote presentations so they can be used anywhere with or without and internet connection.

I realise there are probably a dozen ways to do this but this is my tried, tested and trusted workflow that I use in creating teaching resources that offer a little more variety of content.

Step 1 : Download and Install Tooble

Tooble is a great free application for both Mac and Windows that will download and convert YouTube video (where necessary) to Mp4. It uses the Perian engine and Tooble will prompt you to download and install Perian to your Preference panel automatically on first run.

I would also recommend you visit the Tooble preferences before you start downloading  video resources for your presentations.

By default Tooble automatically imports YouTube video into your iTunes library. As I only download video for use in teaching presentations I tend to leave this option unticked.

Step 2 : Tell Tooble which Video you want !

Now head over to and  locate the video you want to download. Copy the URL (see right of the video in the screenshot at the top of the page) by selecting the address and either using CMD C or via the Edit/copy menu option.

Now go back to Tooble and click the “Enter a URL” button on the top right of the application and paste the URL in the appropriate field. Your screen should now look something like the screenshot below with with Tooble downloading window actively updating.


Obviously this can take a few minutes depending the length and quality of the video being downloaded.

Once complete you will find your downloaded video file in the folder :  User account // Movies // Tooble Movies (see the screenshot).

3. Place in Keynote

You can now drag this video file directly into Keynote or use SHIFT + CMD + V to place via the insert method.  Like any other media asset you can use Keynote’s inspector panel to add a border, shadow and even a reflection.


Advanced Control

Keynote offers some really nice advanced video control features from within the Inspector. Click on the Quicktime logo on the top right on the Inspector panel. You can change the poster image (i.e. the image that appears before the video plays) and you can also adjust the start and stop markers.


Now you can save your Keynote and take it with you know your video will play anywhere. Please remember to credit the source of the video and provide the audience with the address of where they can find it.


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