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Email it Later – Postpone Email Delivery

Email it Later – Postpone Email Delivery

We all wish that iOS had some kind of scheduling feature which could enable us to set a date and time for delivery of email messages.

There are many times when we want to schedule an email for someone’s birthday or anniversary. Or there are many times when we want to send reminders to our friends about some stuff.

I remember I had to send an email to my best friend the next month, and with my memory, I just don’t remember even today’s date! And as it was prophesied by me, I forgot her birthday and it led to a lot of embarrassment. I’m telling you, no matter how many “belated happy birthday” flowers you send, it’s just not the same thing.

Don’t let that happen to you. For all such purposes, there is an app called Email It Later. This app by IntuiApps simply schedules the messages you have saved to go out on some later date or a specific time. And this app does not need a device that is jailbroken.

The compose feature of the app is managed by the regular iOS email program and it saves your messages in the cloud mail service. It delivers them at the right place at the right time. It does have some limitations though. You can use just one mail account with your Email It Later app. This could be a problem for people who have multiple email accounts.

Another problem is that it appends its signature to the message so the receiver would know you sent it via Email It Later, and there is no way you could remove this signature.

But even with these limitations, 99 cents for a pop isn’t a huge price considering the losses you might incur if you forget sending some important mails.

Do you use your iOS devices for mailing? Have you ever encountered such a situation when you had to schedule your email for a later date? Let us know through your comments.

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