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Ecoute for iOS review

Ecoute for iOS review

If you are not a fan of the iPhone’s music player and are looking for an inexpensive alternative that works well and has a superior layout and interface, then Ecoute may be the app for you and it is available now for just $2.99 from the App Store.

Ecoute is a stripped down and basic music player that presents all your music in a simple way that focuses on the album covers. If you are looking for a player stuffed with features then this may not be what you are after but if you just want a nice, clear way to store and play your music then this does the job perfectly.

Ecoute has taken the minimalist route, which I find much more appealing because all I want from a good music player is an app that collects everything neatly together and lets me listen to it. As soon as you open the app, you are immediately presented with a grid view of album covers representing all the music you have stored, which you can order the usual way by artist, album, song or genre.

Searching for music is a simple process and tapping on an album cover will bring up another overlaying menu that provides more information on the album, such as the track listing. The menus are not intrusive and can easily be closed with a tap so you won’t get lost in a labyrinth of endless screens.

Whatever you choose to play will fill the screen and you will be able to control it either with various gestures or just by consulting the bottom bar. Swiping left or right across the screen will skip the song, up and down will alternate between the album art and now playing screen, while tapping it will even make the app find the lyrics for you. Otherwise the control bar will have all the necessary buttons required to perform these tasks.

Ecoute for iPhone is an overall user-friendly experience that presents your music clearly in front of you and lets you hear it the way you want to, with all the standard features such as shuffle and playlist. Presenting the album art makes it a lot easier to keep track of a larger collection and find what you want to hear quickly and easily. It may take some playing around to discover the features as the now playing screen is hidden and if you are unaware of it you will probably find it by accident.

The app handles your music in a superior manner to Apple’s built in music player and keeps it all organised in a much more efficient way. It adapts perfectly to the iPhone’s smaller screen and you should not have any problems navigating it or playing the wrong song accidentally. At just $2.99 it is great value and much more of a pleasure to use than the standard player. With a simple, effective layout and responsive, easy to use controls, I would highly recommend switching over and never looking back.

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