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Echograph for iPad App Review

Echograph for iPad App Review

There are so many photography apps for iOS devices these days it can be difficult to know which ones do what and after a while they all tend to blur into one. There is also a fair share of video apps, although not quite so many, but what is not so often explored is the curious area between, in which movement is incorporated into still images. This is unlikely to replace either medium anytime soon but there is a lot that can be done with this style and the apps that do exist for it are often quite creative. Echograph is one of these and you can download it now from the App Store for just $2.99.

Created for the iPad 2 and later, Echograph is a very professionally made app that allows you to create animated GIFs and MPEG 4 videos from photos. It gets its name from the word “cinemagraph”, which refers to still images with moving elements, and that is exactly what it strives to create, although here they are named echographs. Fortunately, with the whole wealth of tools it offers, it certainly succeeds in fulfilling its promise.

Interestingly enough, you actually need to use a video as your starting point because this will supply the moving elements. Ostensibly the whole image will, as a video, be moving but this is where the tools come into play. You can either use an existing clip or film one yourself but either way, you need to cut it down to 5 seconds. This is done with a sliding bar at the bottom of the screen, which is not always accurate so you may need to undo a few times before you get the result you want. This is a minor flaw as the rest of the process is much more refined.

Next you can choose any still from your clip to provide the main echograph. By default the echograph will not move but working from the selected still, you can use a virtual paintbrush to highlight all the areas that require movement. This is a simple process made easier by a choice of brush sizes for accuracy and a quick undo function to erase mistakes. Once you have covered all the areas you want to move you can preview the result, then go back and edit further if required.

Creating an echograph is quick and easy and it does not take long to come up with some decent results. The image quality does decrease in its new GIF format and ideally you want to use an HD camcorder for filming but this is not compulsory. You will also need a steady hand and a tripod is recommended as every movement is picked up.

But these are very minor issues. Echograph is fun and very easy to use. Once your work is complete you can share it easily to your social networks. There are other apps that do the same thing but this one feels a lot more professional and if the right camera is used, the results are far superior too.

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