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DrawRace Review

DrawRace Review

During the summer holidays I spent a fair bit of time gaming on the iPhone. If it wasn’t a quick game of Flight Control (review link) I was trying to beat family members on the track with DrawRace. DrawRace is a brilliant game based on a really concept of players drawing your route around a track. You simply drag your finger around the track searching for the best racing line with the speed of your finger determining the speed of the car around the track.

dr1 dr2 dr3 dr4

[Click on a thumbnail for a larger view]

The game so simple it is genius. The screenshot above shows the car following a draw line around the track and if you take a corner too fast the car will spin out of control or be slowed by the chevrons.

Initially I thought the game was almost too easy as I had managed to unlock all the tracks within an hour of purchase, the reality though was I hadn’t even passed the rookie stage and the challenge was just beginning. Once you have unlocked all the tracks you can then take part in time trials, you can race against your personal best or if you are feeling confident you can face your first online network opponent.

Trying to beat your personal best is great fun and surprisingly challenging but for me DrawRace offers the most fun playing with others via the local multiplayer options. DrawRace allows you to race up to two other local components, each player takes it in turn turn to draw their route around the track, when all players have completed their laps simply click “Start Race” for the fun to begin.

This is great fun and I personally have spent hours huddled around the iPhone screen playing with the kids. It is addictive, and the fact playing the game is so easy it can be played by racers of all ages.

DrawRace also offers the ability to test your driving skills against online racers through the network play option. Best times can also be published in global scoreboards so you can quickly see where you sit in the world rankings.

  • Totally new “Draw and Drive” control system never seen before
  • Realistic driving model with skidding, braking and gas control
  • 20 unique, closely designed racing tracks for all the game modes
  • Single player races against computer, your own best drives and against the next driver in the global and national league
  • Networked multiplayer mode for racing against other drivers anywhere around the globe
  • Global and national leagues for network mode
  • Local hotseat multiplayer mode for 2 or 3 players
  • National network league in over 70 countries

For more information checkout DrawRace on iTunes. [iTunes link]

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