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Doubts cast over lost iPhone prototype case story –

Doubts cast over lost iPhone prototype case story

SFWeekly had recently called the San Francisco Police Department regarding the recent case about the missing iPhone prototype They called only to discover that the police department had no records of any investigation nor of any visit or search of the house claimed in which was suggested in the first reporta yesterday

Esparza says no records of the visit to Bernal Heights by police officers — which should be recorded in documentation per standard SFPD procedures — exist at either Mission or Ingleside stations, at least one of which would have handled the incident. (Ingleside station covers Bernal Heights, while the phone was allegedly lost at Cava 22, a bar in the Mission.) Police dispatchers also have no records of any incident involving the address where the search for the phone supposedly took place, Esparza says.

The officers who tool the call also added  that they told CNet’s reporter the same just weeks ago but CNet reports their information came from someone ‘familiar with the investigation”.

Another reliable source PCMag also contacted the San Francisco police department who again knew nothing about this case.

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