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Don’t Forget About The iPod

Don't Forget About The iPod

With the announcement of the iPhone 4S having just taken place and the iPad 2 not too long ago it could seem like Apple has forgotten about the device that started it all; the iPod. Well, this writer hasn’t, and this article is going to be a great review of the latest versions of the iPod family including the iPod classic, the iPod touch, and the sleek and chic iPod nano.

For some of us, having an iPad and a smart phone makes sense, despite the fact that the smart phone can play music and videos for you too. There are many people who don’t have an iPhone charger in your car even when your phone is playing through the speakers, and I for one am scared of being stuck on the road somewhere with a phone that is out of battery. In this case, it’s easier to have an iPod so I can play music from that on my commute and keep my phone free for calls as well as other apps (like FaceBook, camera, etc) when I get to my destination. Then, if my iPod runs out of battery on the drive home I know that I’m still able to call for help should my car break down.

If you too are worried about your phone’s battery power then read on and you may find an iPod that will suit your needs when you’re on the go.

The iPod shuffle is the smallest in the iPad family but the second to be released. This was sold as the ‘slim down’ version of the iPod for those who want their music portable but couldn’t afford the cost of the full iPod version, which was (and still is) a lot of people. It’s also the only Apple device that’s available today that doesn’t have a screen; its tiny 1.14 x 1.24 frame is completely taken up with the large direction buttons. The iPod shuffle is purely designed to play music and nothing else, although it will also play audio book and podcast files, so you won’t see anybody rushing out to buy one to play the latest app. However, this is a wondering device to use when you’re working out or going for a run because it can clip to anything—sleeve, pocket, and shorts.

The iPod nano is the second smallest iPod and while the shuffle has no screen this one is all screen. The 1.54-inch touch screen takes up the entire device and allows you to swipe through the songs and album covers and even to store your own photos so you can reminisce or show off on the go. This is also one of the only Apple devices that look like something from a James Bond film; with the writs strap accessory you can set the screen to display a clock face, and then you can show everyone that your humble wrist watch is actually a music player too. Older generations of the iPod nano could play videos but the newest version cannot.

What used to be just called the iPod, the iPod classic has survived many iterations and generations of different devices trying to take its place in the music player hall of fame. But the iPod is still going strong and still selling even to this day. The main purpose of the iPod was to make music portable and it is still doing that. While newer generations of the iPad can hold videos, photos, and games, the main purpose is to house music and this makes it a great device to take along for a long car journey or just a simple stroll along the beach. This device still has the pin wheel navigation that classic mac fans love.

The iPod touch is the newest iPod on the block with a large touch screen and the ability to play more games as well as read e-books, message via iMessage (iOS) and to record HD video. Basically, the iPod touch is like the iPhone without the ‘phone’ part although iMessage and FaceTime allows users to connect with people through face chat and text messages over wireless or 3G.

If you still have your old ‘dumb’ phone that’s working well and you don’t want to upgrade it but you figure it’s time for a portable music device then look into getting one of these. You can get free engraving on all of these if you buy them from the Apple online store.

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