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DOFMaster for iPhone App Review

You may only have a casual interest in photography that does not extend much further than snapping your friends on a night out and posting the results on Facebook, where they will inevitably request that you remove the offending photos, possibly kindly, probably not. However if you are more serious about it then you will be aware of how vital the depth of field, of DOF, is and getting it right can be a very meticulous process. These days it is much easier to access the information you need to get the depth of field right as the answer to almost any question is a quick search away on your phone. Better still, you can download an app so that you always have the information on hand to help take that perfect photo. DOFMaster is available for the iPhone now from the App Store for just $1.99 and it is worth every penny.

If you are already familiar with the DOFMaster website then you will have an idea of what to expect here but it is so much better to have that information readily available in the palm of your hand, with or without internet. The app is very simple and provides the help you need for calculating the relevant depth of field from every format. There are no fancy graphics here and the app aims purely to inform in the simplest way possible. For this reason, the entire app takes up just one screen with five buttons at your disposal. A series of drop-down menus allow you to enter the various information pertaining to your situation, so you start by selecting the camera you are using, with the iPhone’s own camera included to help cover all the bases, and then you proceed to the other categories, which include Lens, f/stop and Focus.

Admittedly the menu does not feature every single camera in existence but that would be expecting a bit much. If your camera is not included you can still enjoy the benefits of the app as selecting a model that is similar to your own will be enough to get an accurate depth of field calculated for your needs. It is however important that you make the right choice, although any photography enthusiasts will probably know that by now. With all the details entered, you finish by inputting the distance between you and your subject and with this information the app will tell you the nearest and farthest limits for a sharp focus. That’s all there is to it but it will take you far if you are into your art.

This is one for the serious photographer and if you are happy to just take quick, cheerful snaps and move on then you probably won’t get much out of this. But for anyone who wants to take photography seriously and do it right, this is an invaluable app that tells you in the simplest way how to do things properly. It may be simple but it will make all the difference.

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