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Does This OS Lack Claws?

After the initial launching of Apple’s Mac OS X Lion, the sales busted out at a higher pace but tend to slowdown for a past two months. Those who have been using lion operating system came out to be quite surprised with it.

Entered with a roar

In the month of October, 2011, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made an announcement that it had sold over six million copies of Mac OS X Lion since its launching in the month of July. This quantity is much lower that what Microsoft Windows 7 experienced to have with average sales of 20 million copies sold in a month’s time. But, in comparison to other Mac operating systems, it was a record selling Mac OS ever.

However, recent reports from an analytical firm declared that the Lion operating system has increased only 2 percent from the month of September which is now stagnant to 16 percent of the total market share of Mac operating systems. What is required more, 5 years old though, Leopard has succeeded in generating a major traffic in the adoption rate.

Not better, simply a bit different

The dropping of the adoption rate of Mac systems holds several explanations. One major reason is that many of the operating systems of Mac does not have the minimum requirements of Lion as several Mac users does not bother to back up their hard drive and then upgrade their systems which is essential to turn over to Lion OS.

Moreover, the applications of LaunchPad which is an iOS inherited application launcher works quite well but, setting up of favorite applications in the dock and making use of the Finder and Spotlight program for making an intensive search on the Mac operating systems can be sometimes very cumbersome. Power users can have the option of combining Spaces and Expose in the Mission Control but the feature is not a must up graded one.

Adding in the Lion’s credit, the user can go into the system preferences to close some of the annoying applications, but, this only means to spend out couple of hours of trouble and the operating system which not better than its previous condition.

Does it make a difference?

At the time of the release of Lion, Apple was quite happy about its early installation numbers but it would be certainly not the idea of making all Mac users to get their systems upgraded. Moreover, those features which a normal Mac OS X Lion user tends to switch off are focused on those users who own an iPhone and most probably an iPad and still view the Mac operating system too far to get them upgraded.

Although, the products of Apple have become invincible, it cannot remain sloppy for a longer period of time. Furthermore, the streaming services such as the Hulu, Spotify and Netflix can help in rendering the lock-in strategy of the Apple to be quite irrelevant.  But, the issue is that it can eliminate the key advantage at that time when the competition gets tougher and tougher.

Concluding, it should be suggested that if Apple wants to stay on the top most position with its products which will not let its consumers to go anywhere else, it will have to offer something outstanding on which the Mac OXS X Lion does not stand.

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