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Does Apple Need To Beat Samsung To The Smart Watch Market ?

Does Apple Need To Beat Samsung To The S03t Watch 03ket ?

With recent rumours suggesting both Apple and Samsung are planning on bringing out a Smart watch to try and revolutionise the watch market, this is the perfect oppurtunity to talk about who is in the better position and does being first out the gate automatically make you the best.

Apple has never been the first to create new markets with it’s products but in the majority of cases (not all) they always end up beating the rest.

Lets start with the iPod, back in November 2001 when Steve Jobs showed the world the 1st generation iPod it certainly was not the first portable digitial music player we had seen but now is the worlds most popular digital music device. Not being the first device on the market does have some drawbacks but that didnt stop the iPod from taking over the market from the Archos Jukebox and others

“Apple have ran out of ideas”

The iPhone certainly was not the first smartphone on the market back when it launched in June 2007 but now is the most popular phone in the world. With the recent developments coming from Samsung I wonder how long the iPhone can last on the top when put against devices such as the Galaxy S4 and the Note 2. This is one of Apple’s products which many have said that Apple have ran out of ideas for or are just unsure on their next step but what ever the problem hopefully they resolve it soon.

Many people think that Apple created the maket for tablets but like before there was many companies with the same product years before Apple such as Microsoft who released the Tablet PC back in 2002, a crazy 8 years later we would see Apple annouce the iPad which I think most would agreed give the tablet market a big boost which it needed.

The answer to my earlier question is No Apple do not need to be in a hurry to beat Samsung with the launch of the smart watch because as the track records prove Apple have not been first to the market but has managed to end up being market leaders due to the remarkably easy to use software (iOS) which links in to the fault less hardware and at the end of the day all the general customer wants is a product which does the job correctly, is easy to use and setup,looks good and has a customer service you can rely on.

I guess only time will tell.

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