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DockShelf Customization

Had you ever wished that your Dock could do a bit more or may be capable of handling more of your applications and files? If yes, then DockShelf allows the user to place unlimited docks all around the desktop so that you never run out of space next time for all the frequently used files, folders as well as applications.

The program of DockShelf enables the user to manage the clutter within the Dock feature by providing a better form of &#8220-dock shelf&#8221- that can be easily placed around into any cornet of the screen without the imposing of any limitations and also includes more options for customization reasons.

With the help of DockShelf program, the launching of all the favorite documents as well as applications of the user, is quite faster and even more powerful as the user is mainly controlling where the docks have been positioned, how many of them are displayed on to the screen, how they have been labeled and when they will be appearing on the screen.

Mac OS X: From the perspective of Mac operating systems, if any user has been ever found to wish that they too could add custom docks to their operating system, the application of DockShelf is an enhanced utility which offers to the user the ability to create as well as customize as many apps as you like.

The functioning of DockShelf starts by offering visual shortcuts to any of the folders or apps of the users’ choice, which can be similar to the standard dock. But, it allows the user to make multiple docks onto various different parts of the screen so as to have a quick access onto them. Moreover, it also constitutes different settings of the workspace along with the support to multiple monitors, so that the system user can customize it solely depending on the task that is to be done on it. There is also made available a free version of the app which includes two docks, a small ad and two workspaces, whereas, the full version can be bought at a price of $4.99 and allows the user to stuff in as many docks as they can and which can be supported by the desktop. Both the free as well as the paid version can be easily downloaded from the official website of the application developer.

The concept of dock has been expanded by DockShelf by adding in some new features and abilities that must be an essential part of the OS X’s.

Workspaces: The docks can be grouped through Workspaces which can be accessed through a hotkey or can be setup to auto-toggle depending on which app is being used.

Tabs: When there is collapse within the Dock, it can be arranged as label tabs through which they can be easily recognized when they are positioned on the screen.

Auto Hiding: The Docks are functioned o expand only when the mouse is pointed on them as well as optionally displaying a very thin margin when collapsing.

Previews: QuickLook previews of documents are enabled by hovering the mouse over the selected app.

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