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Do more with your clipboard, with these apps!

Do more with your clipboard, with these apps!

Copy and Paste operations are essentials when using your MAC. And the way it is built you can use it fast and easily. But in order to bring more control or flexibility, you must check out these nifty little apps that enhance your clipboard’s capabilities in various ways.

Have you ever wondered how cool it will be to store multiple items in your clipboard? What if you could hold some indefinitely, while others will be dumped after just one use of the paste command? Net’s see what tools you can exactly use to make your day to day work easier.


Clips is the most “quiet” clipboard app out there. For a mere $4.99, Clips just takes every copy command or file and saves it automatically, without showing any popup or disrupting your work in any way for form. It will only pop up when you paste stuff so you can easily choose what exactly you want pasted.


If you are looking for an even cheaper solution, CopyPaster might just be the thing for you. For $1.99, this app integrates very well into the OS X design and looks as it is already an integral part of the operating system. It allows access up to 100 clips and accepts nearly any file format. Using it comes naturally and everything comes to the users so easily.


Jumpcut is the free solution to all of your clipboard troubles. Jumpcut only provides you with what’s needed, leaving irrelevant stuff on the side. Copy and paste operations can be defined by way of shortcut, and fast access list that can be scrolled down with the arrow keys are provided. Its combination of multiple clipboards, fast access hotkeys and selective copy and paste is all you ever wanted from your OS X clipboard but never could have…

Clipboard History

A fancier name for a fancier app. Clipboard History offers a lot more functionality and despite that it is still easy to use. It can use hotkeys that can be user defined just like Jumpcut, but it also has other options like the ability to paste stuff in any order you like. It copies more than plain text, and it also has a search field that you can use to search through the lists of copied elements. The app comes at a mere $4.99, a fair price.

Clipboard Evolved

Clipboard Evolved is the top advancement layer in clipboard technology. Jokes aside, CE is by far the most eye catching app reviewed here. You can manage up to 30 different clips, and can be tuned to work automatically. Many advanced tweaks are available, and clipboard elements can be navigated in nice cover-flow like interface. Clipboard Evolved comes at the standard price of $4.99, and if eye candy is the thing for you, then you’ve just picked the right app!


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