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Defragmentation of a Mac Hard drive

The Mac operating systems are also unique in the sense is that it does not require to be defragmented regularly like the other operating systems. After the installation of the system updates on the Mac operating systems, the computer has the ability to itself optimize the files and applications. The system uses disk optimization process for the purpose of relocating of files as they start up piling in the hard drive. Such an action is performed in order to speed up the process of gaining access to data as well as moving towards the head of the hard drive. However, by such an action of rearrangements tends the file to get fragmented. When this process of fragmentation almost compiles f a larger portion of the hard drive, it is time to get the drive defragmented. The Mac operating systems does not have any in-built feature of defragmentation but cleaning of the hard drive and reinstallation will work as a defragment tool. The process of defragmentation of a Mac hard drive is now explained below:


  1. Go to the ‘Disc Utility’ program located in the folder of ‘Utilities’ within the directory of ‘Applications”. Highlight the drive which requires defragmentation from the provided list and let the application repair the permission. This way is very easy to rectify some of the common errors of the operating system which could be major reason for the slowing down of the hard drive.
  2. Search for a program so as to defrag the system. There are several free utilities which operate on the Mac hard drive but, the user should consider purchasing an uninstallation application because of the level of support and stability which is offered by the purchased product. The defragmentation program includes iDefrag and Disc Warrior.
  3. Create a backup of all the data which is saved on the hard drive on which the defragmentation process is to be taken place. The uninstallation application has the tendency to lose all the saved data files within it. The process of defragging is also a time taking procedure and the guarantee of being safe in terms of data is also quite low.
  4. Schedule the time of defragmenting the Mac system when you do not want to use it for a longer time. No matter which application has been selected, the defrag process can last up to several hours depending on the data stored on the Mac hard drive. There are several defragging companies which recommend their user to run the program overnight.
  5. Analyze whether that after the completion of the process, the Mac hard drive has shown some signs of improvement or not. Some common indications can be the opening of large file and applications will be faster than before and will be performed in few seconds only. If the piling of the hard drive was more than 75 percent, the affect on the performance will be noticed greatly.

 mac defrag screenshot

Warnings for Defragmentation

  • If you are engaged in the activity of creating large files frequently, the chance to get the hard drive fragmented is raised to a higher degree.
  • The Mac hard drive should be defragmented when the piled up volume is near to maximum capacity.
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