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Deconstruction Of Apples September 12th iPhone 5 Invitation

12onstruction Of Apples 09tember 12th iPhone 5 Invitation

Apple sent out  invitations yesterday to the September 12th keynote in which we are expecting to see the next generation iPhone 5.

After Apple sent out the invitations people took it upon them self to see what information they can try and find  by over analyzing the graphics and words on the invitations its self , people do this every time we see invitations for an Apple keynote.

The graphic features some of these key points that we noticed :-

  • The Number of Letters on the image could equal an iPhone 5
  • The number 12 moved backwards spells 21… the rumored release date of the iPhone 5
  • 5 Is reflected in the number 12 shadow which could suggest a two toned design
  • The small apple logo in the top right hand corner could be a sign of a smaller dock connector.. possibly lightning
  • 12 – 5 =7 and this could point to the iPhone being 7mm’s thin.
  • The number 5 in the shadow is a good indication that the device will be called the iPhone 5

We decided to give it a go for just for a laugh and if you spot anything else be sure to let us know tweets us : @MacReviews or email us :

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