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Daisy Disk Review

Daisy Disk Review

When it comes to my Mac there is nothing more satisfying than keeping it in tip top performance. Maintaining my computer with that ‘newly installed’ feel although satisfying can be hard work especially if you work with media strewn over a number of hard drives.

Over the years rather than manage my media properly I took the easy, yet expensive way out simply added another drive to the mix. My Drobo is pretty much treated as a media bin of files and folders I just don’t know what to do with.

iconPeriodically I do check my main hard drive and delete some of the junk that gathers up, old game saves, old school work and archives of PowerPoints and Keynotes I haven’t used in five years, it is amazing the amount of disk space some of these folders take up.

I am happy to say a solution is here in the form of the stunning Daisy Disk application. With Daisy Disk you can easily visualise your harddrive and free up disk space by quickly locating and deleting big, useless files.

The program scans any mounted disk and displays it on the sunburst map, where segments mean files and folders, proportionally to their sizes. The map is easy to read and navigate. You can also quickly preview any file and reveal it in Finder to delete.

That is the claim but does it work ? The short answer is definitely ! Within 2 minutes I had managed to clear a 2.3GB Final Cut Express scratch folder (I no longer even have Final Cut Express installed on this Mac!!).

Using Daisy Disk is simple. Drag the Daisy Disk icon into your Applications folder and double click.

Daisy Disk lists the drives attached to your system displaying the size and remaining disk space available on that volume. Click the scan button and Daisy Disk really gets to work.

The scan process is reasonably quick and on completion the contents of your drive are displayed visually in the form of a beautiful segmented daisywheel. Click on a section of the daisywheel to drum down to the contents of that particular folder and a new visual representation is created.

Large folders are represented with warn colours – RED for the largest and the colours cool as the folder size gets smaller.

Once you have used Daisy Disk it is actually difficult to go back to viewing your hard disk via finder. Daisy Disk’s new prospective on your files and folders allows you to discover folders you had forgotten even existed.

When you do find content clogging up your drive you want to delete Daisy Disk makes it easy to remove without even leaving the application. The short video below demonstrates how easy it is to delete folders from the application.

Daisy Disk is a fresh new way to view your stored documents, If I could make it my default finder application I would ! It is definitely an application I will call upon on a regular basis to de-clutter my hard disk.

Click here to visit the Daisy Disk Website.

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