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Customizing your Mac OS X

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There are times when you want to change the way your MAC looks. It could be making graphical changes or playing around with the colours. However not many know that this can be done with the ease of few clicks. In the instructions listed below, we will tell you how to customise the Mac Graphical User interface (GUI) also known as the Dock, along with Finder and Icons.
1. Launch Candy Bar 2. This application can be used to change the way Mac OS X system icons appear.
2. Move to CandyBar iContainers. You can download new sets of icons, available for free. Use these new set of icons to change the regular icons.
3. You can download FruitMenu for changing the way your Apple Menu and other contextual menus look. The program auto-launches itself and get the customised look. If it doesn’t, click on Fruit Menu to start the installation process. When done, restart the computer.
a. If you want to add items to “Apple Menu”, go to ‘System Preferences’ and open Fruit Menu.
b. Now click on ‘Apple Menu’, which lies on the left side of the chart. On the right, you see options that you can add to the menu. Simply drag the options from the right to left and then click the button on the lower right hand side to install them. This takes care of the ‘Apple Menu’
4. To customise the cursors, what you need is ‘Mighty Mouse’. Download this program and explore the various pointer icons available for free on the online store.
5. Once downloaded, click on the icon to install it. Once installed, it will appear in ‘System Preferences.’ Launch it. You will see your cursor with a bar to signify it’s in use. Pick the mouse pointer you want to use and click on the set to automatically install that into Mighty Mouse.
6. To see how it looks on the screen, click on the ‘Test Cursor’ option. If you like it, click on the Blue Button which lies at the bottom right hand corner. If it doesn’t work, restart your MAC.
If you want to learn more of such tricks, you can subscribe to Mac|Life ( which was previously MacAddict) or Macworld. Both the magazines share insightful tips on just about anything MAC.

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