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Create your To-Do List with TaskBadges

Create your To-Do List with TaskBadges


Trying to figure out all those fancy apps can actually take more time out of your day than actually getting through your to-do list.Well,now there is a way to make things so much easier.Why don’t you just get an app that turns TextEdit into the ultimate to-do list,without taking you precious time to set things up?TaskBadges will let you designate a TextEdit file as your to-do list for the day and include automatic badges that pop up and ask you if you’re done with your tasks yet.This is like having your own personal time management coach,and the best part is that you don’t even have to pay for it.This app is absolutely free.We all like free things,don’t we?

What you will need:
TaskBadges for Mac (Free in the Mac App Store)

1. Setting up the Text File

Open TextEdit and create a new file under File > New.Make sure that it is in plain text format by doing Format > Make Plain Text. The font should look lie the screenshot below.

Mac apps

Start typing your to-do list so that it looks like the example above. You can also copy and paste the following format into your plain text document:
[ ] My first to-do item
[x] My second to-do item

Due next week:
– [ ] My next week item
Save your document in an easy-to-find location on your Mac.

2.Enabling TaskBadges

Mac apps
Open TaskBadges and flip the switch from OFF to ON.Now,drag and drop to-do list text file into the Finder (or Desktop) to the table in the application,like the screenshot above.
Mac Apps
Now you need to choose a style.If you pick the style we mentioned above – you’ll select “Style B”.

Once that is done,there will be a number badge on the icon with the number of uncompleted tasks.The number of uncompleted tasks will be displayed on the top of TextEdit window,which will allow you to see this information from the window itself.

Remember,the badge with the number of tasks is updated when you save your task list.Although,the badge might not update immediately after saving.If you want the count to update instantly – save the file again.Also,you may get a note that the document was “Modified by another application”,no reason to worry though,that is just the TaskBadges app updating the document icon.Save the file anyway to get rid of this error message.

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