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Create your Own Free Tracks – Get Virtual DJ

Create your Own Free Tracks – Get Virtual DJ

If you have a light wallet or a faint heart, then the job of a DJ is not for you. Being a DJ requires a lot of hard work and a lot of equipment as well.

But luckily, software makes our lives easier and you can become a DJ without all the equipment. And you don’t have to worry about the cost too! You can get a free version of Virtual DJ.


Learning Virtual DJ isn’t exactly rocket science, though you might get confused with how to mix tracks. Its interface is divided in two parts, and both parts have their own set of controls.

Track fading

If you want the tracks to get blended in each other while playing, then Virtual DJ is just the right app. It works great when you are at a party and playing various tracks. You just have to load 2 tracks and as one gets completed, it fades into the other.

Track mixing

Now you can easily mix your tracks with Virtual DJ. Track mixing is more about skill and less about the ease of tool. For example, you can easily create loops. You will find the loop option in the left lower corner, and you can create several variable length loops, which can be adjusted. The loop will keep playing which the other track will play normally.

There are many other cool features too, like cue buttons. You will find 3 of them, and when you press one, there will be a cue at your desired place. Pressing it again will make you return to the place where you set it – so you can easily come back to a certain part of your favorite song.


Mixing and fading songs is just the beginning. There are many other functions that you can perform with this tool. For instance, there is a virtual scratch table for many skills and settings.

Though the free version of Virtual DJ is pretty impressive, but it lacks some additional features that are only present in the paid one. One of such features is the MIDI/HID mixer. Another feature is broadcasting that allows you to share DJing with your friends over the net.

If you have the right DJ skills, then all you need is Virtual DJ. You can work on the free version to get an understanding, and if you fee that you need more controls, you can buy the paid one. Have you tried Virtual DJ? Let us know what you think.

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