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Create a Giant iPhone 5 From Pieces of Fruit [Video]

As many of you already know, the iPhone 5 was announced yesterday and it seems some people have been coming up with great ideas to help welcome the iPhone 5 into the world.


Take Shane O’Leary and Top Fruit for example. They have created a video (which you can see below) of a time-lapsed iPhone 5 build with pieces of fruit!

The phone took more than 8 hours to construct and involved a team of people putting individual pieces of fruit together to form the image of a giant iPhone 5 complete with all the new features and a string of apps!

Shane O’Leary had this to say :-

“We know there is a lot of excitement surrounding the launch of the brand new iPhone 5, and we are mad about fruit here at Top Fruit. So we thought, why not build an enormous iPhone 5 using our very own fruit? With delicious blackberries (ironic, eh?), aubergines, bananas,  grapes, oranges and a host of other fruit and veg, and with a twist of magic, we achieved the ultimate goal – a giant iPhone 5. We’ve even attempted to replicate the new phone’s main features! Our fruit phone is thinner, lighter, with a larger screen and with a fruitier flavour than previous iPhones!”

They are also running a competition to win an iPhone 5 and more information can be found on this at their Facebook Page

Have any news or information? Please e-mail or send a PM to @MacReviews on twitter and we will get back to you!

We have FULL Coverage of the iPhone 5 Live Event and other Apple events Here and on Youtube

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