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Could Your iPod Be Putting Your Life In Danger?

This isn’t mean to be a sensationalist report, but the truth could be that listen to your iPod over an extended period of time could be putting your health and even your life in danger. Earlier this week Australia was shocked by the death of a high school student who was hit by a train. Witnesses stated that the young girl was walking across a train track while listening to her music player. Onlookers could see and hear the train fast approaching and they screamed and cried out for the girl to move out of the way, but she was too engrossed in her music to ever know that she was in danger.

This isn’t the only story like this to come out of Australia let alone the world. There are hundreds of cases ever year of people not paying enough attention when they’re walking or riding their bikes near traffic and they are hit by cars, buses, trucks, and trains. The damage is becoming more noticeable as the sales of smart phones increase- users can listen to music on these devices the same as they can with music-only machines. Even the smaller iPod devices such as the iPod shuffle and the iPod nano are coming under fire. These devices are sold as exercise aides and they even come with the ability to plug in and record your running data. Now we have a large number of people who cannot hear oncoming traffic, who are too engrossed in their music and their run to look where they are going, and who are running.

This isn’t the only time that iPods have been called dangerous, with reports still saying that the number of young people with hearing loss is still rising. The iPod generation may have begun only 10 years ago but this decade has seen more and more people playing loud music directly into their ears for extended periods of time. Doctors and nurses around the world are worried that the damage is going to be permanent by the time many of these young people know what happened. Even with hearing loss centres opening up all around the world, the number of people still playing loud music for long periods of time is not stopping.

If you find that you cannot hear a conversation properly when there is background noise like traffic, you have ringing in your ears, or you can’t hear your music when it is played in the lower half of the volume scale then you should seek help as you may already be suffering from hearing loss. Ways to keep yourself safe from this includes activating the safe volume function on your device and taking some time away from listening to the music.

Remember that even though deaths and injuries may have been linked back to these devices, it’s how you use it that determines how safe you will be. Keeping safe on the road might mean turning the music down or reminding yourself to always look both ways before you cross the street. You might not get to your destination on time but you will get there.

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