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Cookie 2.1.7 for Mac OS X

Cookie 2.1.7 for Mac OS X

The release of Cookie 2.1.7 has been announced by SweetP Productions which is considered as a major up gradation to the famous cookie and browser history managing application designed especially for mac operating systems. The utility tool of Cookie v2.1.7 has been made available for purchase via the Mac App Store as well as from the SweetP Productions Store.

There are several ways through which the data can be stored within your operating system without even letting you know and includes several multitude formats such as Flash Cookies, Cookies, local Storage and Databases. The Cookie feature tends to make a complete scan of the operating system for all types of Cookies from within all the leading browsers and can also be easily configured so as to remove all those unwanted/tracking advertising cookies. Moreover, Cookie holds a very user friendly interface and requires a one time configuration work which will provide a complete control on to the personal information stored.



Many of the websites that are visited tends to leave back a file on to your system under the name of cookie for the purpose of storing information about you along with the storing of any of the relevant site preferences. In Most of the time this turns out to be fine but, there are several sites which makes use of this information for the purpose of tracking down the users browsing habits for profiling and advertising purposes and many more aspects.


Flash Cookies

The Flash Cookies can turn out to be quite insidious as they have the ability to store up to 25 times more elated information which amounts to be 100KB of the hard drive than any other normal cookies. These cookies can also be used for the purpose of restoring regular cookies even after a longer period when the cookies has been deleted.


Local Storage or Databases

The feature of Local Storage and/ or Databases is generally considered to be more innocuous and is being mainly used by web based applications so as to store up data within it.


The Cookies has been designed to be specially manages as to what information relating to the online habits of a user in a single convenient place. Moreover, it also has a very clear as well as an intuitive interface and is considered as a must have Mac program for any person who is serious about the protection aspects of their personal information. After performing an initial simple step, Cookie holds in very minimal efforts on the part of the user so as to maintain the performance of the system and keeping it clear from any sort of unwanted data mining.


Below mentioned are some of the features that have been made part of the up gradation process of Cookie 2.1.7:

  • Live up gradation as well as removal of Cookies.
  • Tracking of the cookie identification and removal.
  • It is browser specific having the Global cookie whitelists as well as their removal.
  • Manages the Cookies, Flash Cookies, and Local Storages/Databases.
  • Removing of EverCookie.
  • The browser history is removed automatically.
  • The browser cache is removed on automatically.
  • One time setup is required and no other configuration is involved.
  • Includes a setup wizard.
  • Can be easily accessed from the menu bar of the operating system.
  • Ha been designed to be highly intuitive.


The requirements of the device by Cookie 2.1.7 are settled to be Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher versions in addition to the hard drive capacity of 2.7 MB. The pricing of Cookie 2.1.7 application has been tagged to be US$14.99 or equivalent in other currencies and can be obtained from the Mac App Store from within the Entertainment category. In addition to this source, the application can also be obtained from the Production Store of the developing company. Moreover, a trial version can also be downloaded from the official website of SweetP Productions.

The headquarters of the SweetP Productions Company has been constructed in Australia and has become a very popular software developing house for Mac operating systems since 2009. The company has until now developed and released several useful applications and is serving as a great third party developer for all Mac systems that are being operated worldwide.

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