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Controlling iTunes Directly from Mac Menu Bar

Controlling iTunes Directly from Mac Menu Bar

If you are thinking that you do not have much control over your life, then this is the right time to pay your offerings to the Mac digital gods who made you your domain’s master and your soul’s captain.

You have a control over your applications. I have a love/hate relation with iTunes, and I can manage it- all thanks to an economical little Mac app that allows me to control music from my Mac Menu bar. Veni Vidi Vici.

Controlling the beastly iTunes

iTunes blast away as I work on my Mac, and it is great to drown the yelling of my little girl and the noise of her breaking toys. I am happy being in control of iTunes, and I owe it all to SmashTunes.

It is a nice little app working on the Mac Menu bar and controlling iTunes- well, at least the important features of iTunes. You wanna know the current song? It is there in the Menu bar. It would also have the rating, duration, album, artist and song name.

Yep, rating is something that lets you know how good is a thing- from food to hotel services to toothpaste to sports. And so SmashTunes allows you to assign rating to a song, and you don’t even have to dig into iTunes for that- everything is done through the Menu bar.

Let me talk about keyboard shortcuts now. There are many available keyboard shortcuts and you can even change song ratings with them. I’m not a mouse person, and I prefer working via keyboard. So I’m certainly happy to have SmashTunes. And since it is all on the keyboard for you, you do not have to look down from the screen.

It’s all done with a few clicks- SmashTunes is enabling, elegant and powerful.

There are also keyboard shortcuts for pause, play, previous, next and more. Now you can easily skip between songs, thus making you enjoy the simple life.

And it doesn’t even bother you- it lives in the background until you open iTunes. The only feature that I miss from this app is the ability to shift between various playlists. And apart from that, this app is a simple and low cost way to give you more control over your life.

Have you used SmashTunes yet? I’ve used it and liked it. What do you think about it? Let me know about your comments.

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