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CloudPull for Mac Review

We are spoilt for choice when confronted with the number of free services Google provides and if you are a regular visitor of Google, you will be familiar with just how many accounts and files you have to keep track of. You will also be familiar with their cloud storage system, which backs up all these different accounts in one convenient place. However you can never be too careful with your data and the idea of having everything stored in a location outside your own Mac does not fill all users with confidence. But with CloudPull you can enjoy peace of mind as it pulls all of this information right back into your Mac where you can keep track of it.

cloudpull iconCloudPull is a smart little Mac app from Golden Hill Software that does exactly what its name suggests, which in this context means pulling everything from your Google account out of the cloud and backing it up in your Mac. It does this discreetly every hour, although you can change the settings to make it do this as often as you want. More specifically it takes all your data from Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google Reader and stores it on your machine automatically every hour. Each instance is saved for 90 days in the form of a snapshot which you can review at your own leisure. These older versions of events can also be restored with a simple click.

You can of course play around with the settings to make it work the way you want it. Change when it grabs your data, as well as how regular it does this, if you prefer not to have hourly updates. If there is anything in particular you do not want backed up to your Mac you can set up some exclusions in order to leave them alone, while the 90 day storage can also be changed to suit your needs and the location for all these backup files is entirely at your discretion. The data can be integrated perfectly into your own operating system, such as importing Google emails into your Apple Mail, but again whether you do this or not is something you get to determine.

CloudPull setup dialog

CloudPull is not free however and currently costs $24.99 from the App Store but it makes all your data much more secure and incredibly easy to retrieve at any time. If there is the tiniest flaw, it’s the fact that any documents that have been shared among a group may sometimes fail to download but this is minor and usually clears up after a few attempts.

CloudPull is easy to use, especially since most of the work is done for you automatically, presents the data in a very straightforward manner and makes you feel a lot more in control of your own information in general. It might not be the cheapest app out there but it adds an effective level of security that Google’s cloud just cannot manage on its own.

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