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Clickinstall 3 For Mac OS X Software

On the 29th of August this year, the Excel Software company declared the invention of Clickinstall 3.0 having some of the major enhancements for the purpose of constructing a highly customized patch installers and software’s for the software’s used for the smooth operation of Mac OS X.

The software Clickinstall 3.0 provides the user to create an alias on the desktop of the installed application, create a patch for the installer, construct an installer patch with a single click, apply a customized icon on the installer or provide it a unique pass code or a serial number to the activation of the installation procedure. A major benefit is that the user can either generate a single pass code for all the computers or make the installation procedure completely automatic with the help of an online activation server using the Clickinstall 3.0. The self-served WebActivation or the use of Safe activation service offered by the Excel software has a high tendency to support those installers which are controlled by the serial numbers.

The alias file created on the desktop can be used to launch the software application. Moreover, the installation patch has the functioning of adding, modifying and deleting files and folders in the prevailing installation. Patch files, usually for large applications have the ability to reduce the file size and can install or download time.  The working of the batch installer creates multiple installers with a click of a single button.

The offer of the Clickinstaller by the Excel software displays an installer window which is elegant and presentable. These installer windows contain an icon, a background image along with a custom logo. The developer of the software can also create a link to the web address of the company or the page of the particular product, the license agreement accompanied with the required confirmation, copyright notice and release or help notes. Moreover, the executable file can either be run before the installation process begins for the purpose of confirming the requirements of the systems or it can be run after installation in order to settle down the custom actions. The title, text and buttons of the installer window can be easily customized by the user into any human language using the Unicode text encoding.

Another major feature of the Clickinstall software is that it has the ability to distribute a large file into sets of multiple files and compact discs.  In such a case, the user is required to insert the next CD in order to proceed with the installation process. This type of installation is also useful for those users which have a slow internet connection speed as they can install multiple files and then click on the Setup option to begin a seamless installation procedure. For the Mac OS X software, Clickinstall creates a streamlined procedure for the PPC processor, Intel processor or with the use of Universal Binaries for any model of the Mac Operating systems. Another highlighting factor of the software for the Mac users is that it generates installers which are royalty-free for any quantity of the products by paying a one-time license fees to the company.

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