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Christmas List For Geeks – ?50 & Under

Christmas List For Geeks – ?50 & Under

Does your Christmas shopping include shopping for an Apple geek?  If so, we have put together the perfect list of gifts for an Apple geek ?10 & under and now we have put together a list for ?50 & under.  You most likely thought it was impossible to shop for a gift involving Apple for ?50 & under, but we have proven you wrong with the items below.

Steve Jobs Christmas GiftSteve Jobs Figure

The majority of Apple fans are fans of Apple because of two things both the revolutionary products Apple release but also because of the management at the company in other words Steve Jobs. Ever since Steve Jobs sadly passed away last year , china has started to produce theses figures of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

You pick one up now for ?15 : Ebay


Exploded iPhone T-shirt

We included a t shirt in our ?10 and under guide but we wanted to step it up a little a bit. Tree Trilogy makes the best t shirts for Apple geeks anywhere in the world and for a great price. Each t shirt includes the artwork of an Apple product exploded which is meant to look like the the blue prints. These t shirts are available with the iPhone , iPad and the first Mac

You pick one up now for $19 : Tree Trilogy


3-In-1 iPhone Camera Lens

One of the biggest features of iOS products is the amazing cameras. Apple were unable to add a better lens so it was left dow to the accessory companies to come up with an add on. This is 3 in 1 Fish eye/Macro/Telephoto , having this accessory will significantly increase the quality of your photos and video you take with your iPhone

You pick one up now for ?30 : Amazon


Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

These amazing designed headphone designed by STK allows you to listen to your music or speak to family and friends with out any cables. Most geeks will always be surrounded by wires so when we get the chance we will opt for the wireless option. These headphones included a microphone allowing you to make phone calls and they connect to your iOS device via Bluetooth

You pick one up now for ?28 : Amazon


If you are looking for gifts in the lower price range be sure to check out our ?10 & under gift guide. In the meantime if you have any suggestions either let us know in the comments below , let us know on twitter@MacReviews or email us

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