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It is always nice to meet people who appreciate the smaller things in life and it is even better if you happen to be one of those people. Social networks may be full of people being all negative, whether they are seeking attention with a rant at someone that really should be kept private, writing bad poetry about how miserable they are or whining about their jobs (which I admittedly used to do a lot back in my retail days), but when you see too many of these you tend to skip over them and it can be a nice relief when someone says something that is actually positive. Now there is a social media app that focuses on this aspect and it is the most uplifting thing! is available now from the App Store and it is completely free.

Cheer is a curious little app that takes its inspiration from a number of check-in apps but with a firm emphasis on giving out praise and showing general appreciation for good things on a regular basis. What’s not to like? It is not exactly the easiest app to pitch as there is no obvious practical use for it apart from updating people on the things that make you happy but it is certainly a pleasant experience to browse through the updates. While many check-in apps are aimed at rating places like restaurants, goes further by allowing you to praise more or less anything.

Did something just make you smile? If so then you can send out what the app refers to as a cheer. It also allows the creation of groups, which it calls missions, in order to let various cheers from different people on the same topic be collected in one happy place. Missions can cover anything, from favourite foods to tourist attractions in your city and it is a great way to send out recommendations to like-minded people. A cheer can take the form of a simple statement, an image, a location or a more detailed description, depending on what kind of information you wish to send out and attach to a mission. With your cheer published, other users of the app are then free to comment on it or favourite it, in which case you and your post will gain what the app calls cheerfluence.

So far so enjoyable and, in some cases, it is even useful but it is not without its flaws. There is no real structure to the app, which will be annoying for some who will not see the point of it, while others will praise the freedom it gives to rave about anything they see fit. They may even send out a cheer about it. Another problem is that so far there are not many users so a lot of the missions will be largely empty. However this should resolve itself over time as more people cotton onto it. What you do with it is entirely up to you but it is a nice little app that could grow into something special and since it is free it is well worth checking out. It will ultimately be as useful as the people using it.

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