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Changing an Icon – Simple Way

Changing an Icon – Simple Way

Apple is recognized for its super cool applications, but sometimes a change might be needed. Plus shelling out $30 for a Candybar is not exactly a good idea. Though there is no option in System Preferences to make the drag/drop action simple to modify the icon of an app, yet there is still a method, and it is quite easy.

If you are wondering – no, you cannot change the icons on iPad or iPhone. These icons can only be changed by app developers. Or unless you jailbreak the device, you cannot change them. Or maybe you can…

Many people get bored with icons that they use so they can change them using these steps:

  1. Go to Applications in Finder. Then Control+ Click on the icon that you want to change (Let’s say iPhoto icon).
  2. Click on ‘show package contents’ option.
  3. Another finder window will open up. Click on resources under contents. The present iPhoto icon would be in that folder. And because each program gives a different name to its icon, you will have to look for it. Keep your search restricted to the Resources folder and it will be easier for you.
  4. Create a backup of this icon. You can create a folder on your desktop, and drag the icon file (NSApplicationIcons.icns) on it.
  5. Open another finder window and select the new icon that you want to apply. Change its name (you can do that by double clicking on it slowly). Rename it with the same name that the original icon file had.
  6. Now drag this .icns file over the Resources folder under Contents. We took the example of iPhoto, so look for Contents folder under iPhoto.

That’s it! You might have to reboot the system for the changes to take effect, but the entire procedure is pretty simple and lets you change icons easily.

Which icons would you like to change and why? Let us know through your comments.

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