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Change your wallpapers automatically to see your current location

Change your wallpapers automatically to see your current location

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Satellite Eyes is a useful free application that automatically adjusts your desktop background wallpaper to satellite images of your current location. Make it work and you’ll see a different background every time you change your location, whether you’re working at home or flying to a different state or country.

For such a simple application there is a quite large amount of customization options for changing the look of wallpapers. The app includes four different map styles, such as pretty attractive Bing Aerial satellite imagery, Terrain map, that looks like a general map, Toner which looks pretty dreadful, and Watercolor which is exactly what it sounds like. In addition to that, there are four different zoom levels, including Street Level, Neighborhood, City and Region. The City and Region options might both look good really good and really awful, depending in how good the satellite images are or the area. If you have multiple monitors in your setup, Satellite Eyes is actually capable of extending the imagery over each display.

Get Satellite Eyes free from the developer

In case you don’t need Satellite Eyes to automatically change the wallpaper every time you change your location you can open the application and select a destination, and then quit – the background picture will stay the same at all times now. The application uses Location Services in Mac OS X in order to function, which means you’ll have to have them enabled for the satellite image to be accurate
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The Preference panel is accessible through the menubar and includes a fair amount of customizations. This is showing regional view.

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