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Change Time Zones in iPhoto with a Script

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When you move to another time zone (for example, when travelling) and forget to change the time zone on your camera, you may end up with incorrect date and time on your photos, and they may appear in wrong order in iPhoto.
iPhoto has the Adjust Date and Time function, but it allows to change timestamps only for groups of photos, not for the selected ones. Therefore you can use the following script that will enable you to subtract one hour from the photo’s timestamp:
tell application “iPhoto”
set selPhotos to selection — create a list out of photos that are selected

repeat with eachPhoto in my selPhotos — tell each photo to do something
tell eachPhoto
set oldDate to date — get the date and time of each photo

set wantedDate to oldDate – (60 * 60) — remove 3600 seconds from the time

set date to wantedDate — set new date to each photo
end tell
end repeat
end tell

You can also change the wantedDate parameter instead of such subtraction. To use the script:
1. Copy and paste the script into AppleScript Editor.
2. Go to Library, Scripts, Applications.
3. Create an iPhoto subfolder in the Applications folder.
4. Save the script to the subfolder you’ve created.

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