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CES 2013, The Show Were Kickstarter Projects Stole The Spotlight

CES 2013, The Show Were Kickstarter Projects Stole The Spotlight

CES 2013 is coming to a close today and what a show it has been and it would not be CES with out no sleep, some crazy futuristic products and them experiences with hardware you can not have over the internet.

“experiences with hardware you can not have over the internet”

Normally CES news is full off the market leaders such as Samsung, Sony and others this is because of the massive booths which costs thousands of dollars and takes weeks to construct and also the hardware is just simply the best because of the financial backing and the teams behind the product and research.

This year seen a dynamic switch up in the priority off coverage given to start ups and crowd sourced projects on the show floor and the majority of these started their projects on well known crowd sourcing website Kickstarter which has really revolutionised the start up strategy. Kickstarter launched on April 28, 2009and is a for-profit company based in New York City and at this moment has been the platform for over $455 million worth of pledges.

Pebble Watch CES 2013One market that has over powered CES 2013 is the smart watch. Pebble raised $10.2 million on Kickstarter which broke all records and this was a shock as the Pebble team had been searching around for investors to find no interest and this week we seen them hold their own press conference to announce the worldwide launch of the Pebble watch on January 23rd. With demand for smart watches at an all time high it was no surprise that we would see more kit the market and thats when we seen the CST-1 which launched its Kickstarter project on the first day of CES and the $200,000 goal was reached with in the first 48 hours.

“$200,000 goal was reached with in the first 48 hours”

Pebble sounds like a success when you think of were they started but in reality selling 85,000 watches has got nothing on the millions of devices companies such as Samsung sell every week. This only makes you more aware that how much this product much stands out if the press are busting a gut to get hands on with this smart watch over Sony’s latest TV.

Pebble and the CST-1 are not the only crowd sourced projects at CES there is many more and too many to mention but here is a couple which have caught everyones attention:

UrbanHello: Currently raised ?20,082 off their ?100,000 goal after launching January 6th

Chargecard: Raised $161,897 which is well over their $50,000 goal and is now available to order

Une Bobine: The flexable cable raised $212,265 after only wanting to raise $9,800 and is now available

Kickstarter is still fairly new and you never know what project will appear online next but the ability to feel like you backed a project that went from some ideas and drawings and is know pulling the press away from Samsung’s booths is something that will take a while to get your head around and just shows the power of crowd sourcing.

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