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Centrify Gives Unmatched Control For Management Of Mac Populations

Centrify Gives Unmatched Control For Management Of Mac Populations

A leading provider of compliance and security solutions, Centrify Corporation has announced the release of a major Mac tool of Centrify DirectControl for Mac operating systems which has been especially designed to secure, control as well as audit access across cross-platform applications and systems by making use of Active Directory. The application of Centrify DirectControl for Mac operating systems is the one of the leading tools for solutions for authentications o based on Active Directory, smartcard, single sign-on as well as the group policy support for the platform of Apple Mac. Moreover, the set of features it offers can be considered as those who have one of the advanced and has the capability of managing and integrating Mac OS X with the help of the existing enterprise infrastructure so as to improve the security level and reduction in costs.

Centrify’s DirectControl was previously available on other operating platforms such as UNIX and is an integrated element of Centrify Suite 2012 which is the latest version of the security and compliance solution of the company for securing, controlling and auditing access to all the platforms of operating systems and applications which uses the feature of Active Directory. In addition to these features, some new components have also been added in the Mac tool which includes the support for automated digital certificate enrollment, improved feature of Apple’s FileVault Full Disk Encryption support, an additional support of the smartcard which is specific to the Federal government market of U.S, advanced printer management and some more desktop lockdown capabilities.

Whether it is by the choice or by the demands of the employee, nearly all organizations in the present world are highly required to support the platform of Mac operating systems as another desktop or laptop accessory within the prevailing environment of IT. Under such circumstances, Centrify came out to be the first developer who delivers Group Policy support or Mac. Moreover, with the releasing of a major update in DirectControl for Mac OS X solutions, the corporations will find it a lot easier to leverage the feature of active Directory so as to adhere centralized administration and management aspects of the rapidly increasing Mac population.

Some additional features which have been made a part of the Mac tool of DirectControl for Mac OS X are as follows:

  • Improved performance of smartcard support for Mac operating system’s version 10.6 and 10.7 for the CACNG, CAC, along with PIV smartcards which is also inclusive of Oberthur ID One 128v 5.5 Dual smartcard. The advantage of this would be that the government agencies will be able to support the authentication of smartcards onto their Mac systems that operates on the Apple’s technology of 10.7 Lion.
  • The DirectControl also supports the automated digital certificate enrollment so as to facilitate network and wireless access within the enterprise environment. The Mac tool has been now upgraded to automatically determine whether the Windows Group Policy requires a machine certificate to be present. If it is the case, the Mac system can automatically request, download and install a machine certificate and thereby, making it available for services such as VPN and 802.1x. When the expiration of these certificates is near, DirectControl tends to automatically renew as well as updates the machine certificate.
  • The Mac tools is also compatible with Apple’s FileVault 2Full Disk Encryption feature which allows its users to secure their Mac system if it faces a theft or loss situation by making the disk as unreadable to any other person who does not hold proper credentials. The feature of Active Directory credentials can also be used to get an encrypted disk unlocked.
  • The printer management support of the Mac has also improved in the upgraded version. Now the users of DirectControl for Mac have been made able to assign users to printer groups onto their local Mac. Such a feature allows the user to halt and restart the print queue and make their own customized printer definition files if it is required.

  • The support to restricted logon access to users is also an additional feature. By making use of Centrify’s Zones technology, the Mac system can be easily configured to allow only certain users or groups to gain access within the system. Moreover, such function is considered ideal for creating Mac solutions at departmental level in which only the assigned members of the department can login.

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