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Ceacreed : Elasty HD Beta Update

Ceacreed : Elasty HD Beta Update

Ceacreed have released an updated version of the Elasty HD easy to use video editing application for Mac. Elasty HD gives you access to features pretty common in image processing but far less usual when you process movies: rotate, flip and crop features. It’s a good starting point but Elasty HD also has more advanced features which would rejoice 7th art experts: image stabilization, smart special effects and retiming. Imagine all the things you could do!

Did you record a movie in landscape mode when it should have been in portrait mode? Don’t worry! With Elasty HD, click once to rotate the movie left or right.
New! Flip
Mirror images (i.e. a vertical or horizontal reflection) are a must have in image processing. From now on the same trick is available for processing movies. All you have to do to achieve this is to click once.
The “Crop” feature is also very famous in image processing. It will help you focus on the subject of interest in the movie, or compensate stabilization effects.
Is your hand shaking when you record a movie? It can happen to anybody (it also happened to me even if I tried not to). Elasty HD will be very helpful once again. Its advanced stabilization technology analyzes the movie in order to crop it. What is more, you can change the stabilization strength. It will definitely give a pro look to your movies.

Motion Tracking and Special Effects

Elasty HD relies on another advanced technology: motion tracking. Here is how it works: add a probe on something in the movie to track its motion. What is it used for? Elasty HD needs to link special effects to probes.

Elasty Example :

Which kinds of effects?
Add an image (spectacles, a hat, a mask, a tatoo…) or a QuickTime animation
Define a blur zone that will make someone unrecognizable
Distort and change color to make your ex look like an alien
Emit particles from moving objects…

Note : Elasty is Leopard only :
Elasty HD uses the latest core technologies provided in Snow Leopard: Grand Central Dispatch, Core Animation, the latest enhancements in OpenGL, Core Image and Quartz Composer. It will put your Mac through its paces, for sure.


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