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Cancel Your Printing Tasks without Wasting Any Paper

Cancel Your Printing Tasks without Wasting Any PaperYou just gave the printing command to print a 200 page document, and just realized that it was amistake. If you begin researching now how to cancel this printing task, you might get too late. This is why you should learn beforehand how to cancel printing jobs.

Cancellation from printer

If the printer is local, and close to you, you can just walk to it and pull out the paper, or simply press thecancel button. You can see the stop button on the front panel, and you can press it. Apart from that, youcan also turn it off. If you take out all the paper, it wouldn’t exactly cancel printing, but it would certainlypause it, and you can get more time to think what to do.

Cancellation from Mac

If the printer is not local, or not near to you, you can just use the green button of Pause/Resume in OSX to pause the presently running task. If you want to stop the printing remotely from your Mac system,then you need to open the printing queue and cancel this job. This is how you can open the printingqueue and cancel a task in OS X:

1. You can see the printer icon in the dock after you give the print command.2. Click on that icon. The print interface will open.3. Now click the green button of Pause/Resume that is there on the toolbar. This would stop the printing job.

This is a simple way to cancel your printing job that you gave by mistake. It is always best to learn itbefore you accidentally make a mistake and waste a lot of paper.And later if you decide that you actually do want that printing, then you can select the printing task andclick on delete. Then you can visit your document once again, and decide if you want some changes ornot. Once everything is final, you can again give the printing command.

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