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Camino 2.1 Mac Web Browser Released

Waiting for more than a year’s time, the Camino Project has been finally released in version 2.1 as an open source web browser for Mac operating systems. Similar to Thunderbird 3.1.x and Firefox 3.6.x, the latest program of Camino has been upgraded based on the version 1.9.2 of Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine. The Camino Mac web browser has been formulated to improve the performance f JavaScript along with excellent compatibility with the web standards. Moreover, the application also addresses several vulnerabilities of the security aspect, however, details have not been provided as to which types of vulnerabilities have been closed.

The function of autocomplete in the location bar can be termed as a complete overhauled feature which is now able to make users to not only search for their bookmarks but also the history if matching results against their URL’s and page titles as well. Moreover, the updated version also has the ability to hide out the status bar and accessing a new offline mode which can be used with the option of ‘Work Offline” and “Go Online” located under the Camino bar.

Another aspect of Camino Mac web browser is to automatically disable all the versions of common plug-ins which are considered as incompatible. Several other changes to the support of plug-in include a folder of “Internet Plug-Ins” as well as a new hidden preference for the purpose of disabling specific plug-ins. It has also been noticed that this version of Camino is no longer equipped with java plug-ins. So, for those users who are in the requirement of running Java applets are advised to install Java plug-in 2 onto the Java Embedding Plugin.

It has also been reported in a blog post that the program of Camino has been currently made available under six language packs which includes Italian, Swedish, Japanese, English (US), Dutch and French. More languages such as simplified Chinese, Norwegian and Spanish will be added up in the near future. So, those users who are interested in translating the interface of Camino 2.1 are required to visit Camino Localization project Web page so as to obtain more information.

On the other hand, in the release notes, more major updates include a list of known issues onto the features page and in the change log. The application of Camion 2.1 for Mac operating systems has been made available to get it downloaded on a system running Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and later versions from the official website of the project. Moreover, the existing users can upgrade by making use of the in-built updating Mac tool. This can be done by selecting the Camino menu and select the “Check For Updates’ option. It should be noted here that 2.0.x versions are no longer compatible with Camino version 2.1.

The entire project of the application of Camino is as older as is the Firefox application but, the main interface is that the user interface has been designed to work on Cocoa rather than XUL for the purpose of tailoring the application of Camino in an enhanced way for all Mac operating systems. the Source code for Camino 2.1 has been released under the tri-license of the MPL/LGPL/GPL.


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