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Call of Duty 4 Review

Call of Duty 4 Review

Gaming has finally arrived for Mac and I love it. In the late 90s and early 00s I could have been easily described as an online gaming addict. Medal of Honor, Call of Duty all great PC games with brilliant network and online options.


Gaming cost me a fortune. Seldom did I buy a base computer, it had to have great sound and more importantly great video. Anytime I bought a game I would crank the video settings to max and when it got to the stage my graphics card couldn’t cope with the 100% settings of a game it was time for a new card. Actually I can remember buying a separate 3D graphics card with each computer as the one provided didn’t meet the grade.

Gaming was additive but also increasingly expensive. With HD TV came HD gaming and I opted for an XBOX 360. It was never the great gaming experience a keyboard and mouse offered but with the hardware being static I could be confident the games would work and work to their best.

With no computer based gaming I moved to a iMac home and having used OSX for the last few years there is no way I could go back to start buttons and making sure I had the latest video cards and the latest drivers. The disadvantage of the Mac is, well actually was the lack of investment by game developers in the Mac platform. The times they are a changing!

Yesterday we received the latest Call of Duty (4 Modern Warfare) having played it on the 360 I was excited to see what it looked like on the Mac.

Installing the game could not have been easier. Simply drag the game folder over to the ‘Applications’ folder, double click and enter your license code and we were in.

Initially I paniced at the graphic quality, the game defaults to 800 x 600 and a visit to the options menu I soon cranked that up to max. This game looks great but on a 24? imac it looks absolutely stunning ! The game recommends you use the ‘optimal settings’ but it reverted to 800?600 each time we used this even with a high end iMac. I definitely think you can push the settings to a reasonably high level without putting too much pressure on a recent mac anyway. We settled for 1600?1000 on our 24? machine and the game still played brilliantly.

The story is centered around a fictional near-future conflict involving the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia, who are fighting against Russian ultranationalists in civil war torn Russia, and rebels that have staged a coup d’etat in a small Middle Eastern country. It is told from the perspectives of a United States Marine and British SAS operative, and is set in multiple locations, including the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Prypiat, Ukraine. The multiplayer portion of the game features various game modes, and contains a leveling system that allows the player to unlock additional weapons, weapon attachments, and camouflage schemes as they advance.

Single Player is great, we are no where near through the game but the playability and graphics are excellent. What attracts us is the multiplayer options. There are two separate installs one for single player and one for multiplayer but there is an option in each main menu to switch between the two modes.

Getting into a multiplayer game could not be easier. Click ‘join game’ refresh the list and a menu of games servers will appear in ping (connection speed) order. The lower the ping the better the game experience.
The online game offers all the same ranks and challenges that other versions of the game offers. Loading maps is significantly faster on the Mac version of the game than on the XBOX360 and you can set up your own private servers with ease.

I can’t recommend this game highly enough. Even in the short test period of the last two days we didn’t see any significant issues or problems. We were kicked from a game for some sort of INT error but it was one of around a dozen gaming sessions which I’d say is pretty good.

Aspyr have produced an excellent version of Call of Duty 4 for the Mac. We are hooked !!!! Who is up for a game ?

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• Operating System: 10.5.4 (Leopard)
• CPU Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
• CPU Speed: 2.0 GHz
• Memory: 1 GB RAM
• Hard Disk Space: 8.0 GB + 1 GB Swap File
• Video Card (ATI): Radeon X1600
• Video Card (NVidia): Geforce 7300
• Video Memory (VRam): 128 MB
• Media Required: DVD-ROM
• Peripherals: Macintosh mouse and keyboard


• Internet () or LAN (TCP/IP) play supported
• Internet play requires broadband connection


• Operating System: 10.5.4 (Leopard)
• CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz
• Memory: 2 GB RAM
• Video M
emory (VRam): 256 MB



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