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Buying Guide of Mac

Buying Guide of Mac

If you have made plans to gift a Mac in this holiday season, then you might be confronting a major problem as to which Mac to gift? In such a situation, this article might be of use. There is a brief description related to Macs offered by Apple that have been tested on every standard configuration. Below mentioned are some of the Mac models and their overview along with the changes evolve within them throughout the time.

MacBook Air

This model can be termed as the marquee laptop of Apple. It is light weighted in design and thin which makes it a very compact and portable laptop. The MacBook Air version of 2011 now includes Intel dual-Core i5 processors from the Core 2D processors from its previous versions. As per the tests, the latest version of MacBook Air is at least 1.5 times as faster than its predecessors.

Moreover, the 2011 model is also inclusive of the Thunderbolt port, whereas, the past version only included a USB 2.0 connectivity. With the inclusion of the feature of Thunderbolt, the MacBook Air has received tremendous increase in its speed and broadens the range of all the peripherals that can be used.

From the performance point of view, the MacBook Air is considered to be quite capable of handling several of the daily routine tasks such as the web browsing, e-mailing, making use of several office related applications and much more.

MacBook Pro

This model of Mac system has been upgraded twice this year, having a first update in February along with a recent release of the MacBook Pro laptops in the month of October. This model also has more features as well as the processing power than the MacBook Air. You can consider an older desktop Mac system with the MacBook Pro series.

The model is been made available in three sizes namely MacBook Pro 15, 13 and 11 inches which has separate processing powers. Moreover, the MacBook Pro also holds several features which is lacking in the MacBook Air model such as a bigger screen and the application of FireWire 800.

Mac Mini

In terms of designing, the Mac Mini did not come about with too many changes as compared to its predecessors. The one factor that may drive you to buy a Mac Mini model is that it no longer consists of SuperDrive. It also holds a Thunderbolt port similar to the MacBook Air lineup, which tends to replace the Mini DisplayPort that were a part of the older models. Additional features includes a port of FireWire 800, an HDMI port, a gigabit Ethernet port, 4 USB 2.0 ports, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with several other functions.

In the year 2010, Apple launched only a single nonserver model of the Mac Mini which had 21GB of RAM and a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processors, however, the 2011 model, are considerably faster than its predecessors. The Mac Mini priced to be of $699 is tested to be 32% and the $899 Mac Mini model to be 61% faster than other models of the product line.

The Mac Minis are considered as a bit lag behind the iMac but if your usage requirements is to use and edit moderately sized videos, this Mac model will perform great.


This model did not undergo any major designing changes for a few years as it is the designing factor which works out greatly. All the components are elegantly fixed and are displayed into an iconic form. The last up gradation received by the model was in May having its graphics chip as well as new processors improve to some extent.

Highlighting features of iMacs includes a Magic mouse along with a wireless keyboard. Moreover, the user can opt for both the Magic Mouse as well as for the Magic Trackpad at a price of $75. Some standard features also includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facility, 4GB of RAM, 4 ports of USB 2.0, a SuperDrive, a port for FireWire 800, a Thunderbolt port along with several other functions also.

The 2001 model of iMac are considered o be a bit faster than any operating system they are about to replace. Two sizes of iMac are available as 21.4 and 27 inches having different processing powers.

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