Tim Cook : " Today's victory is about the values"

  After yesterdays big court battle between Apple and Samsung Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a memo to all Apple corporate employees. The statement is on the same lines as the statement released […]

Damages From Samsung To Apple = $0

Just minutes ago we heard from the Apple Vs. Samsung court case and found that Apple were awarded $1.05b in damages. Now we have heard that Apple owe Samsung an amazing amount of […]

Apple Vs. Samsung : Apple Take The Win

Just minutes ago the jury of 700 individuals in the Apple vs Samsung case reached a verdict and the verdict went in Apple’s favour. The case went in Apple’s favour even though the […]

Apple vs Samsung The Jury Has Reached A Verdict

The jury in the Apple vs Samsung cases has reached it’s verdict in a surprisingly short amount of time. We are currently waiting on the verdict to be announced. The jury has not […]